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  1. Been getting 4G near Ft Buchannan in Guaynabo, but it doesnt transmit data, just says 4G and does nothing. Same is true near the federal prision and close to my house. Its comming.
  2. Got LTE in Kennedy avenue today. Mapping! Thats in San Juan Kennedy avenue.
  3. Sensorly scanned my trip to work today and no 4g points at all. Before yall get your panties in a bunch, Im not complaining, I just wanted scan the City View Plaza in front of El Nuevo Dia in Guaynabo since I spotted LTE yesterday.
  4. Spotted some LTE by El Nuevo Dia in Guaynabo. Got me by surprise so I couldnt open Sensorly quick enough. Tomorrow Ill map my trip as soon as I leave home to see if its still there.
  5. Trust me on this... Open paid for their network and went pretty deep into their pockets getting Ericcson to get them LTE and Prepa Net to get the fibers for it...
  6. This was a rumor. Open invested their own cash on their LTE network, they might use the same equipment as Verizon (either phones or antennae equipment) but that rumor is false. Verizon cant come to the island for a few more years, part of the agreement they had when they sold their assets to Claro.
  7. Yes, signal is as bad in some areas of the US as in PR, why do you think there are many people jumping ship or jus mad because of their service? Back on topic: guys remember to map using Sensorly and osva, what area in Guaynabo?
  8. Said it before, Ill say it again: at least work is being done and we have the speedtests to prove it. Many areas in the US arent even announced yet so just chill.
  9. Open has their own towers. Used to have an agreement with Centenial but ATT bought them and sold/removedupgraded their sites. Open has an agreement with Sprint for PR/USVI and Verizon in the US.
  10. Where in Cataño? I got LTE in the ferry terminal and by Juana Matos projects.
  11. All I know is signal got really bad in my house as of today, no signal at all. Hopefully its a sign theyre working on the towers around me, but this late at night? Somebody forgot to switch the tower back on.
  12. Spotted some LTE love in San Juan by the ferry terminal. Mapping it as I type. Saw it a bit late as I was getting aboard the ferry itself. Got distracted finding portals in Ingress.
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