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  1. Yes, it does. Under mobile network settings, you can enable it.
  2. I don't know yet. The eSIM set up was very easy and I was relieved it worked. Never had to use my PC to do anything. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Forgot to mention, I'm swapping phones, going from an unlocked Moto X4 which has a SIM card to the Pixel 3a XL.
  4. I just ordered an unlocked 3a XL from Google (trading in an old iPhone and wanted $100 Google Store credit) and when I try activate it with eSIM, when I have to log into my Sprint account, do I do that on the Pixel itself or on a computer? I really don't want to mess this up. I have an older plan, the EPRP and am always cautious when I get a new phone. Thanks for any help.
  5. I understand, but it would time out and drop data, even if it's 3G, I shouldn't be losing the connection on a major interstate highway in a well-populated area. I've never had it happen with other Sprint phones. It's definitely an issue when you're traveling and the phone switches towers/data speeds.
  6. Got the M9 last month. Did a road trip to Canton Ohio so most of the trip was on I-90. Horrible experience. Data kept dropping out (I was using Tune In to stream sports talk), roaming triangle, that well-known data connectivity ! sign which really is evident when you're driving 350 miles. At one point, when using GPS for Google Maps and streaming, the M9 crashed and rebooted. I stopped at a Sprint store in Canton where the sales rep tinkered with it but the problem still persists. Bright side was I got speeds of 50+ MBPS in Canton. Here in Auburn, it's the same as my M7, highs in the upper 20s. I'm a little disappointed, I thought having Spark here would mean the 50+ speeds here. But this data connectivity issue, ugh, I know Sprint is aware, from reading their forums, but why does this phone and other HTCs have this issue when switching towers or going from LTE to 3G? Changing settings, updating profile, PRL does nothing. Wish Sprint could figure this thing out and issue a fix.
  7. I live in the Auburn area and just checked Sprint's maps for an update. I see Spark is active, and am surprised. I back out to see more of the area and Auburn is the only area in all of upstate with Spark? Am I hallucinating? Makes me want to buy a new phone since my HTC One M7 isn't Spark capable. My eyes are lying to me, right? Why would Auburn get Spark before Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo or Albany? Amazing.
  8. I'll gladly eat crow, ; ) It's frustrating to be so close to 4G LTE inside my office and home when it's outside. 26mps is faster than my Time Warner Cable Internet. I get that inside my house, I'll be doing cartwheels, lol.
  9. Not that well, still a lot of 3G spots left and good luck getting 4G inside a building. I thought 4G would be the same coverage as 3G, not even close. I live in sight of a tower, get 26 mbps outside, only 3G inside my house. I hope Sprint isn't done yet because if this is it, it'd be a disappointment.
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