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  1. Got the Sprint Corporate team to reset my eligibility a month earlier so I can pre-order safely before 3/1 to get it on 3/8. Noice. Though I'm betting that even preordered on 3/1 would likely still arrive by 3/8.
  2. Where is this priority status? do you have hit upgrade or something?
  3. https://www.sprint.com/en/landings/samsung/galaxy-s10.html?ECID=Vanity:gs10 Landing page is a bit flaky, but Flamingo Pink is a listed color for all models. Have not seen that in the leaks. Perhaps the wife will like that. Has the purple S9 now.
  4. yeah, I'm DM'ing with @sprintcare now on twitter to see if we can pre-order before the 3/1/19 eligibility date. Free Galaxy Buds is a nice perk.
  5. Alright, when do the pre-orders go up on Sprint......
  6. Lol, I can hardly get 4G in Madison. I'm not that excited about 5G for about 5 years.
  7. I can't believe you are not going to get this phone because of the front facing camera hole. These camera specs are ridic. All around.
  8. You should get that Fold. lol. tiny screen on front and HUGE cut out for 3 cameras inside.
  9. Ha. It's definitely not a joke. They're already using it on a more budget model in their lineup. It's an inevitability Mr. Anderson. Submit to the Matrix. I really don't see what the big deal is. At least this way I KNOW where the camera is so people will be looking at it in pictures (1) and 2) I won't always swipe over it when I pull down the notifications, like I do now.
  10. My Sprint account says my Flex Lease Upgrade is 3/1/19, but currently (as of today) my lease upgrade price is $76 (2 payments).....so, I'm hoping it respects the 3/1 date. 🤷‍♂️ I'll pre-order the S10 for the wife and S10+ for me. I'm excited about these phones for the 1) the cameras and 2) in display fingerprint on front. Man the back placement is annoying and the wife complains about it routinely. Rumor mill says 4100mAh for the S10+?! that'd be awesome as well. Who's going to start the S10 user thread instead of the "rumor" thread??
  11. I guess it could be your review of the new UI elements, but perhaps you also have "Easy Mode" turned on? The icons didn't change all that much with the Android Pie update. The Settings Menus have changed visually. Easy Mode is ridiculous looking, so maybe it's that. Search settings for Easy Mode to find the toggle.
  12. Oh heavens to Betsy, the shutter sound toggle is STILL in the camera app!! Are non-beta users still seeing the camera shutter sound toggle in Camera Settings?? Yeah, no VoLTE yet. Night mode actually sticks now! Camera seems faster, but they kept the swipe format for video recording, which nearly every user in the Beta complained about. Thanks a lot Samsung. (previously it was just a button inside the regular camera mode, which many felt was more convenient). Clock is still on the left instead of the right (no toggle to change that I can find), but that's to prep for the camera punchout on the S10. I'll have to test out call quality on WiFi calling, LTE calling, and standard. Was not the best on the Betas for me. I have the S9+ and I was on the Beta. My update was 243 MB in size instead of 2 giggles.
  13. You'll get the stable version when it's out, otherwise you can always just wipe and flash the stock unlocked software through Samsung Smart Switch or whatever it's called now. RE Signalcheck data: mine is fine on the Beta 4 on my Sprint S9+. All my extra information is still there. Perhaps reprovision your data (if that works on unlocked model)? EDIT: you can always just leave the Samsung 9 Beta and flash back the stable software at any time. It does factory reset your phone though.
  14. It's quite stable, go ahead a pull the trigger, you are a daring fella. There are only a few oddities, like my photo issue from above. A big one for folks has been calling on Sprint network using the Calling Plus LTE Calling features. Where the call connects but neither side can hear anything, just dead air. My WiFi Calling can be a bit spotty too. This is reportedly solved in the Beta 4, but I haven't had a chance to test it out much yet. Others have reported mobile data loss, but that can be recovered with a reprovisioning of the Sprint parameters ##SCRTN# from the dialer IF you run into this issue, don't need to do it if you don't.
  15. For real?? That's crazy. Wow, had no clue it would still let you in. Welcome and enjoy the bugs! There aren't that many.
  16. Well, it looks like it's back up and syncing again. I deleted the app, rebooted, wiped cache in recovery, then reinstalled and let it recover all photos. new ones finally synced. What a hassle. I did find out that this Beta reset all my custom notification noises for things like Textra, Gmail, Twitter, etc.
  17. No, no error, just says it's backing up photos but never does. The Betas on the S8 did this and was super frustrating. Only this 4th beta is doing it now.
  18. Hmph, my photos from SD are the issue. SD is fine too, not corrupted.
  19. Photos saved on an SD card or internal?
  20. You can't, it's almost over. My Google Photos won't backup and sync on Beta 4. Serious problem for me. I've tried all I can think of short of a full factory reset, which I'm not inclined to do as I'm betting it'll still not work after that.
  21. I still have nothing for my S9+ for Beta 4! The stable is reportedly rolling out in Germany
  22. There's a new Beta update out today. It brings back the "close all" button for 3rd party launchers and is very, very snappy and fluid all around. Good updates in this Beta. Still have to try out the LTE calling on this one as the last version was flaky for me when I called my wife on LTE calling. We will see.... Oh yeah, the shutter sound toggle is stiiiiillll there. Hopefully it stays! I'm not holding my breath.
  23. Yours is preloaded with Watson. Your house is about to go full AI
  24. After finally receiving my shipping notification, the Magic Box Gold showed up as a line on our account. So I know we're getting the Gold as the "product number" in the confirmation was "Magic box return Gen 2". Real helpful, Sprint. Thankfully it should be correct based on the new line in our account.
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