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  1. I can't tell you how excited this makes me: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60396219/Untitled-1.gif Great job on mapping guys! I'll be down that way over the weekend, and I'll get more purple on there! Excited to see Stoughton Rd. up further into Madison get some purple too!
  2. They will show up on Sensorly Maps eventually. Not sure the lag, but yesterday in the Madison, WI area, someone mapped our first tower and about 30 minutes later we all could see the purple (just south of McFarland, WI). But you have to zoom in pretty far to get the purple to show up if there isn't much in your area. Mileage may vary some with this.
  3. ' Also if you have an android device, you can get this app http://goo.gl/5XNLg (free version available too) made by a S4GRU member. Its great for determining your network and such. Also includes a quick way to reset your data connections and potentially pop into LTE. Sensorly will just keep you stuck in 3G if you started in 3G because its sending data that way. It will be reluctant to switch over to LTE. So if you're in an area that has LTE for sure, then go airplane mode and back, or use the SignalCheck Pro app. EDIT: then kick on the mapping tool Sensorly after you've established the LTE connection. This is what I have learned in the Milwaukee/Madison market thread. Very helpful. We FINALLY have our first towers in the STATE!
  4. nothing like a bunch of dudes meeting at a rest stop. Haven't you seen Something About Mary?
  5. Ha. Seriously can't believe this is happening! Thanks for the drive out there. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Ha, I was just trying to think up an excuse to tell my wife why we needed to drive to McFarland tonight. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Yes, I know that and I thank you all for great contributions. I just was confused on the points that I asked as they weren't very clear to me from reading. thanks for the responses though, I believe I have now filled in my knowledge gaps. Aren't forums great.
  8. So after a lot of reading and nice use of that SignalCheck App, I see now that my towers around me are broadcasting eHRPD. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60396219/Screenshot_2013-05-01-17-54-37.png This is a new development in my area as far as I know, I swear it was reporting EVDO rev A just a couple weeks ago. In that screen shot from SignalCheck, it is saying that BSL: is located at an area that A) a tower doesn't exist (in the ghetto to boot) and its not reporting from the tower closest to me which is located at 5995-5999 McKee Rd Fitchburg, WI 53719 (which I recently posted a picture of a few pages back). Now I know that this is a Sprint tower, it had recently been reported on the upgrades list at network.sprint.com, although it doesn't show up now on that page. The Googles told me that eHRPD is the software upgrade portion for tower handoffs with LTE, so its a precursor, but not necessarily anytime soon kinda precursor, right? So, my questions are, #1. Has eHRPD been reported for the Madison area, I see that it has been reported in the Milwaukee area and in between before. Searching this thread showed most chatter about Milwaukee towers dating back to early January, sorry if I'm late to this party. It was NOT reporting eHRPD downtown Madison at all. #2. Am I reading that SignalCheck App wrong? Why is it putting a tower where there isn't one? I have seen it report this at that station area before using a different app to identify towers, but I thought that one was broken as there is no tower there. I do understand that the BSD is reporting the 1xRTT signal, I suppose it is possible that the EVDO (eHRPD) is coming from the tower at 5995-5999 McKee Rd? Thanks guys. You can simply just point me to articles that tell me more if you don't want to respond in full or if this has been asked a lot before.
  9. Robert, not trying to be a thorn here, just asking a question. If you aren't turning a profit off the website, why continue to host your own site instead of just making a Google + Community? You can set up different sections and whatnot. I understand being entrenched with all the data that has accumulated over the years on these topics and starting anew, but just a thought. I want to be able to help you out, just can't at this time.
  10. The one at Middleton HS on the light post? (if that's a Sprint tower) I was at Bowling Green Rec on Lisa Ln. for softball last night and did see a 1.5mbps 3G speed test. Thought for sure I just had too much beer and was seeing things.
  11. Yeah, fer sure. but my travels would have taken me up to Mequon to pick up some people for the tailgate, then back to Miller Park, so I would have traversed a bit of the city. I have no idea where these accepted sites are, I'm not allowed to donate to this site according to the boss. Sorry Robert, I tried.
  12. I've been running Sensorly for every trip I've taken in Madison in the past 2 weeks and will continue to do so, so if it blips to LTE, it'll get mapped.....but there's nothing going on here with our towers that I've heard of. I also ran it all the way up to GB last weekend (through Appleton area) and nothing but 2G/3G mapped the whole way. I was supposed to be going through Milwaukee on Sunday but our tickets to the Brewers/Cardinals fell through. Was going to be my first time in a suite, alas, I'll have to listen on the radio. Great to see some sites accepted in Milwaukee!
  13. I'm going to get a call back from someone from Dan@sprint.com's office tonight around 5pm (third time in 6 years I've done this ). I sent him/them a rather lengthy email with specific points of coverage (lack there of) and a few other items. I know it won't help at all as those people have less information about things than even the entry level CSRs, but it'll sure make me feel good afterwards.
  14. Ha, have you guys been to a Badger Football game in the fall? You can't use a Sprint phone in the entire city of Madison for the day. Phone calls won't go through, texts - forget about it, and data? no way jose. I think that cellular traffic around stadiums is always going to be awful, they can't handle that density no matter what. Now, if you look at what New Candlestick Park is doing in SF, that's going to be impressive. Every fan in the stadium could be connected to their WiFi at one time with speeds on average of 15-30 Mbps down/up -> at least they say they have the tech to accomplish this feat. For what we're charged for seats at professional sports, every stadium should do this for their fans that shell out ridiculous amounts of money for merch and food. I'm sorry to ramble on there.
  15. head over to sxtp developers, they have links Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  16. those horses have the life! Great to see stl getting juiced up in locations. I'll be back there in June (from Florissant originally, now in Wisconsin). I at least let my parents know to flip on their CDMA/LTE on their S3s. I'll help out the sensorly when I'm there. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  17. MD4 official is now out. FYI. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  18. Yeah, I figured as much after looking at other pictures on this site. I at least have a record now so if things do change I'll be able to tell. Thanks Robert for the updates! Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Back in like November, my tower (at PD and Seminole) in Madison had like zero voice and text service. I called Sprint, obviously, and they told me it was for NV upgrades and LTE. However, after more calls and conversation, they back tracked on this and said it was for non NV related issues. So, I'm not sure anything NV was done (speeds are still abysmal here) since no sites have been accepted as complete in our area according to Robert. I have nothing new to report. Here's a shot of our tower as of today 4/22/13 Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  20. I've been running this since it leaked and can report its great. I'm seeing equivalent battery life really to MB1. Multi view is neat but limited. I'm stock, I know root can do more with it. Sent from my cm_tenderloin using Tapatalk 2
  21. There was no activity there this am. I don't see any new equipment either. I'll try to send a pic if I get a good shot. Maybe someone can identify what might be the correct equipment.
  22. Yes, right near AMC. Haven't checked this AM again.
  23. Yesterday morning, at the tower right by my house in Fitchburg, WI (Near Seminole Hwy / PD), I saw a mess of trucks near the base and people on the tower. I was pretty excited and wanted to detour my run over there and ask a lot of questions, but its contained within a power station so you can't really get close to it at all. Does anyone know the name of the companies subcontracted in the Madison Area? Is there anyway to know this information? I believe this is one of Sprint's biggest towers in the Madison area. I'm hopeful that this means something is going in. They have already done "capacity", "speed" and "voice" upgrades about 6 months ago according to network.sprint.com. Now the tower is absent on that page so I'm assuming that we will start to see more with the current activity?? It could be unrelated at all. I still can't imagine a future where Sprint is good here.
  24. Fantastic break down. I'm disappointed in the lack of SVDO for the S4 as Madison won't see usable LTE for quite some time, I'd guess. I really don't want to get the HTC One because no removable battery and no expandable storage......grrrr.....tough decisions. I'm just hoping this X phone has merit and Google will shock us all with something amazing and usable on Sprint with LTE (but I'm not holding my breath). And as much as I think the idea of wireless charging is nice, I didn't realize the signal took a hit because of it. However, world roaming (assuming there's a sim in there??) would be very nice addition as I find myself overseas quite often these days.
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