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  1. Redditors are reporting the same issues with the screen protector that I see with my polarized sunglasses: weird banding, poor viewing angles, and color on the screen curve. Also, unsurprisingly, the finger print scanner is quite a bit faster. I may remove mine if the sunglass thing continues to bother me.
  2. I am seeing far better RF performance over my S9+. My work building is poorly situated for any signal, was sitting on LTE 800 if I was lucky with dBm in the -120 range. Now I'm sitting with LTE 1900 B25^2 with a signal of -101 dBm in the same spot. I also have had a few VoLTE calls and a few WiFi calling calls. Both were extremely clear and better than the garbage that was the Calling Plus!! Callers on the other end always said I was crackly with Calling Plus. Very pleased on this front as well. One side note to folks that might use eduroam WiFi networks used by college campuses and such (where I work).....the WiFi certificate setup is different than "standard" Android 9.0 on say a Pickle3. You have to go and download the cert from support.comodo.com then connect to the eduroam. No idea why Samsung did this, but that's a fact jack.
  3. RIGHT THERE with you on that one. My method out of the pocket was finger on the reader. I have to get used to it too. I'm still piecing together missing apps and icons from my Nova backup corruption......
  4. Man, my Nova backup was corrupted and that pissed me off royally. I had to use an old backup from about a year ago....sucks! I've not had SMS/MMS backup problems using Google, always gets them back in place. I used to use 3rd party things as well, but didn't like more apps having access to my stuff than necessary.
  5. Question for you guys: Do you Let Google rebuild phone and restore app data Let Samsung rebuild phone and restore app data start completely fresh I usually let Google do the heavy lifting and it normally does fine. However, with this rebuild, I found that none of my WiFi settings and such ported over. The Samsung backed-up items appear to be more complete and using their "Settings" backup I now have all my bluetooth devices back, my WiFis, and even my personalized ringtones on my contacts. I think maybe I'll give Samsung the nod in the future. A few apps do support data sync through Google very nicely. TinyCamPro for one, which is always a bear to re-set up, was already logged into all my IP cameras without any work. Not sure if I let Samsung rebuild, they would have been set up?? Curious what your experiences have been.
  6. Can't really tell it's on there at all. I was pleased with this. I'm not a fan of screen protectors at all, but I'll let this one slide. With my polarized sunglasses, the edges of the screen get that pink/rainbowy effect, so we'll see how much that annoys me moving forward.
  7. I always have to online chat with Sprint to activate my phones. Always. So frustrating. Just do the online chat, it's the easiest.
  8. Shop Samsung then My Inbox. EDIT: They ship the week of March 18th!!!!
  9. Samsung+, Galaxy Apps, Galaxy Store, Shop Samsung?
  10. okay, how do we get the Galaxy Buds now that we're all activated??
  11. Except it's not in all markets, right? So those others of us will just lose the Calling Plus?
  12. oh dang, my UPS has a map for me to follow the truck? I don't believe this option has appeared for me before.
  13. Mine just updated to out for delivery as well. Finish up a few things here at work, then head home around 10am to impatiently wait for the truck.
  14. So who's going to be first today?? Mine's still not "out for delivery" but had its "destination scan".
  15. My wife's S10 in prism white is on its way right now and we pre-ordered after you. Hopefully your status updates soon.
  16. Mine still says 10:15 - 2:15 delivery, my parents' changed to EOD, but both scanned and on their way. Looks like I'm coming down with a serious case of the flu all of a sudden. Not sure I'll be able to stay at work much past....I don't know....say....10am tomorrow morning?
  17. Right, mine says label created, but UPS doesn't have it yet. Arriving on Wednesday the 6th for both of my orders. One to Madison, the other to St. Louis, both coming from Kentucky.
  18. It'll do the thing where the shipping number shows up but it takes 72 hours to actually show up on the shipper's site. Pre-shipment. 😂 Man, do I hate that, such hope and anticipation. I'm refreshing mine regularly as well.
  19. What's this bullscheeyte about Samsung is out of Galaxy Buds already and will issue vouchers. Maaan, that's wildly disappointing. Maybe they've already counted ours? I doubt it. https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s10-pre-orders-galaxy-buds-960768/
  20. Post update, I'm not seeing jitter when using the recents button after I have many apps open. Before it was giving me a flash of my home screen while trying to slide to the previous apps. Seems smoother now. Perhaps that's an unintended fix? but visually more pleasing.
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