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  1. I exchanged my S10+ yesterday and yes, it was clear my device was having some issues with data transfer for sure. They didn't "test" it because they weren't a repair shop. They just handed me a new one and took my old one back. Simple deal and I was outta there in about 30 mins. I updated the new phone to the ASD5 right away and have no issues with B25, 26, or 41 in any areas. Everything is reporting successful speed tests (they're pretty miserable sometimes, but that's Madison, not the phone). I hope the update on the 30th can head off any other events. The word on the Sprint thread is that there is a RF transmission issue that burns up the modem, quite literally, so then it won't read anymore. Can happen on any band. The software releases are supposed to prevent this from happening. But if your device has succumbed to this already, you're hosed.
  2. I did some pretty extensive testing on my S10+, my wife's S10, and both my parents' S10s as they were visiting this weekend and my kids actually took a freaking nap!! As we traveled around, each device had a hard time dealing with any sort of B25 signal, as reported by SCP and by the LTE Engineering screen. B25^2 seemed to be okay, but any standard B25 signal was junk from a macro site. If it picked up B25 from a oDAS network, then the phones were okay on data sending and receiving as well. Reports over on the Sprint thread also have issues with the Note 9 in some cases as well. While all anecdotal, I find it really hard to believe that folks on this thread "have had no data problems". In fact, I bet you have, but it's pretty innocuous when it happens usually. It doesn't tell you that you don't have signal, it doesn't give any sort of warning....it looks connected with strong signal bars. SCP will report "idle" and anything that needs the network will timeout. Occasionally, I get the unable to establish connection circle with the slash through it....and a toggle of airplane mode will fix it.....but this has happened to me in the past here in Madison just because we have pockets still of dead zones that are unfortunately placed in areas you want your phone to work, like the Zoo. This all said, this really smells like a software provisioning problem and not anything to do with hardware and/or device swaps....in most cases. Or something with the towers themselves in communicating with these S10s and perhaps the S8s are reporting issues too in a few places. Most folks that are getting new devices are just reporting that those are going "bad" as well. I have no clue what's happening, but it seems pretty widespread if all 4 of the devices on my account have these issues. These all were pre-orders but from very different batches of SN strings and ordered well apart from each other. I just know that I'm not going into any store for testing or swapping out any devices until they have an actual fix in place for what's going on. For now, I've just disabled B25 and that keeps the data flowing and keeps the calls from dropping! I know it's not proper, but it fixes my issue in the short term. This is complete madness that they can't get a handle on it. There's supposedly another update coming on April 30th.
  3. Mike, this is a great update. I love the granularity of notifications now. This is excellent to track the issues going on with the S10 data dropping on certain bands.....You sir have created quite the app, thank you for your hard work!
  4. BTW, over on the Sprint thread about the data loss issues, they are releasing a "test" for this data issue to all the corporate stores. So if you think you are having data issues, head to a corp store tomorrow or after and they can verify your device is affected. I might swing by anyways and have mine tested. I'm not going to get a replacement quite yet if it fails. I'm not convinced they've got a single clue about how to actually fix this mess.
  5. Well, now I really don't know what's going on with my phone. I verified the lack of B25 data on what I thought were 3 different towers, but then on my way home today, I did get the dead data on B25 where I had in the past....but then I picked up B25 from another tower and it was sending/receiving just fine. Verified by SCP and by LTE engineering. So.....maybe we've got a bad tower or two here. This makes me quite happy if true. My B41^2 are around 70-105 down and 6-15 up.
  6. So this could be a network thing or tied into the data issues, but this morning driving in once I hit B25 signal on my phone, everything stopped. It said I had LTE but there were no actual data being transmitted. It then dropped to 1x and I had "N/A" being reported by SCP. I cycled airplane mode and it did not improve at all until I found a solid B41 signal. The area where this happened usually has pretty poor signal, but it bounces between B25 and B26 usually. This is normally a usable signal, not fast, but usable. My experience sounds pretty similar to those on the Sprint community thread with the data issues, but for theirs it seems like it never comes back even if they find B41.....so maybe it's a network issue here in the Madison area or specifically with a set of towers. I had not had any data issues prior to the latest update yesterday morning.
  7. yeah, I'm all good over here after wiping caches, updating PRL, profile, etc. I've had no issues with data and I've been testing it periodically today.
  8. I cleared caches again and updated PRL and Profile again and the MMS are sending now. Sheesh.
  9. MMS working for you? I'm not having much luck sending MMS pictures or MMS group texts.
  10. Hmmmm, it keeps disabling location services. This is not good. Wiped cache in recovery too.
  11. After update, my location services were turned off. Had to toggle back on, seems to work fine after turned on. Data seems OK, I have not had any problems before though.
  12. speaking of sunlight, have you tried to wear your Galaxy Buds in the bright, warm sun yet? Whatever bud is facing the sun will make the "connected" noise (that low chime it plays when you first put it in) a lot. Apparently has to do with the proximity sensor and others report this on reddit. Super annoying.
  13. Excellent, thank you. I'm just keeping track of this in case my parents' phones start having issues (they're in STL). They'd be very poorly equipped to deal with any of this. My phone and my wife's are fine here in Madison, no issues to report data-wise at all.
  14. What reddit thread are you looking at? The only thread I see on the https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxyS10 about it is they said it didn't work, but that also there is a Sprint network issue in their area. So unknown if it improved the constant roaming issues? On the Sprint forums, it's just someone relaying that there was an update to all the threads, which is annoying: https://community.sprint.com/t5/Samsung/bd-p/Sammy
  15. I have read other places it works best if you register your thumbs twice, once when holding the phone and again when it's on a desk or something that it helps the recognition. Mine is light years faster since I took the screen protector off, but it should work regardless.
  16. Learned something about the WiFi-calling that might help folks here, something I did not know about Apps or App properties/permissions and roaming data restrictions. Background: WiFi-calling has difficulty working when Sprint cellular signal is weak and/or when roaming, but fine when Sprint cellular signal is strong. Get constant error of location can not be determined, Wi-Fi calling then does not work. Maybe partial resolution: Go to Settings (general) > Apps > click overflow menu dots top right > show system apps > search for "calling" > click on Wi-Fi Calling > Mobile data > change "Restrict background data" to "Never" from "while roaming only". Doesn't make a ton of sense since WiFi calling isn't using "Mobile Data", but it appears to help get LESS of the above location errors, and Wi-Fi calling actually works when in a limited cellular network environment. Perhaps it is also not causing a timeout in the app? Hard to say. I went ahead and set this same permission on a lot of apps that I would like to behave better while roaming like Google, etc.
  17. Did everyone receive the white colored Galaxy Buds? I never saw an option to choose and assumed it would have matched our phones (mine was black). Not a big deal. These Galaxy Buds are fantastic. Sound quality is great for bud style headphones and the fit is quite snug. My fear is having these things just dislodge into a urinal or something ridiculous, but they're pretty hard to even take out. The only issue I have is the decision tree on having 3 options that would be useful for the long press touchpad....but only 2 ears. I am digging the read-aloud notification options.
  18. yeah, was about to reply with that. Bxactions is also seamless and has the option to remove Bixby altogether from any action. Not the same on Button Mapper. I never mind throwing a couple bucks a developers way considering it's all the Google Play credit I get from the Opinion Rewards app. ha.
  19. Have you tried to install something like CPU Spy to see if your phone is making it into deep sleep? I haven't used those apps in several phone generations because it hasn't been necessary. If I sit my phone down on my desk and do not touch it, it'll go to sleep, be cold to the touch, and barely use any battery percentage at all during that time. Your phone is definitely an outlier and I assume you have some sort of rouge app that's consuming up your battery. The battery stats page doesn't tell the best story there.....what does the Device Care in settings say about it? Any apps flagged for crashes? EDIT: have you removed App Stack, Lookout, etc. all the preinstalled garbage?
  20. I've had spotty data for sure, but I had spotty data occasionally with my S9+. I'm betting whatever issue on this phone was the same with the S9. Hopefully they get it sorted, that would be wonderful. Also, I hope they fix WiFi calling too. It's been a little annoying with these bugs on what is overall an excellent phone. All software based, so I'm sure they'll sort them out by Christmas. Maybe this has been posted here, but I was reading over in Reddit about this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jamworks.bxactions It works awesome to make that Bixby button actually useful. If you follow the instructions and give it deeper access via connection to computer, it works on lock screen and such (no root needed or any funny business, just a couple adb commands). I've got mine set to sound toggle and flashlight when screen is off, and screenshot while screen is on. Also can use the in-pocket detection to make sure you don't trigger things inadvertently. Very slick app.
  21. Same here but it says delivery today, which seems against the laws of physics. We'll see.
  22. Ha ha, takes a couple days to settle in. It'll get better
  23. I finally dumped the screen protector and whaddayaknow, the fingerprint scanner never fails to recognize me and is just fine with how hard I press Feels more fluid without that dumb screen protector. Heads up for those using WiFi calling. There's an issue, corroborated by a few others, that when the cellular signal is very low or unstable AND you have WiFi calling turned on....it'll give you the "unable to determine your location" notification over and over and over. The dangerous part of this is that your phone will be unable to make or receive any phone calls at all when you swipe away the notification until you come back into a strong network signal area. It looks though, like everything is connected and kosher though, which is the dangerous part, IMO. I don't know how else to get to any Sprint/Samsung devs besides the Sprint forums, which I've posted there or through the chat support, which I've done as well. Turning the phone on to airplane mode with WiFi on and WiFi calling on, works just fine. So there is some issue with WiFi/cellular fall back. And yes, I have turned off the "switch to cellular network when the WiFi is slow or unusable".
  24. Sorry, forgot to post this question: My WiFi calling is not behaving very well like it did on my S9+. It keeps timing out for GPS location if it can't reach any cellular network, really frustrating when I'm working in the basement at work. Anyone know how to keep it from doing this? I have my location on "high accuracy" as it suggests which is already using WiFi networks, etc. My S9+ would rarely display this message, and only if the WiFi network lost internet connectivity. Edit: it DOES work if I just enable Airplane mode, then enable WiFi and WiFi calling. Then it works fine. So I don't know what gives....
  25. I did my parents' activations last night and had to submit my email proof of order in the pre-order window. I assume it'll get approved for both of them, but they said it could take 48 hours to approve.
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