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  1. My concern for the Ultra (and partially why I went S20+) was exactly what MKBHD said in his video. The camera issues like extremely small focal plane might not be easily addressed by software fixes and that physics might win that battle for the worse. I hope that's wrong, but I didn't want to bet on software fixes if it wasn't better out of the box. Not all the reviews of the updated software say all the issues are fixed, just an improvement in the auto-focus issues. The Ultra is using different sensors than the S20+. I sure hope that Samsung can work out all the kinks, obviously.
  2. You can't file the signature online?? I just did this with my FEDEX delivery coming from Dell. There was an option in the FEDEX app. My phones are coming UPS today, and hopefully my neighbor can intercept to sign 🤞
  3. MKBHD's review is finally up. He's one of the best, IMO.
  4. lol, as soon as I finished typing that message, I got the update on my phones as ready for UPS with a delivery date of tomorrow. Executive Team fixed my account, ordered my phones, got the ship-to addresses correct for the phones (3 locales), waived the upgrade fees, and put them in as priority overnight shipping. Damn, Tamaura, excellent work.
  5. Jealy. Mine are still sitting in "placed" although, I swear the green line moved a little more towards the Ready to Ship.
  6. I bet they hold it until the 4th. That's what happened last year. I hope not for your sake though, obviously.
  7. I finally got my account sorted out and ordered. Man, the Executive Team is the only place to go for help with Sprint. Tamaura got my account straightened out. Was able to upgrade 4 of my lines successfully. She said they'll ship out on the 3rd. I went with the S20+. I went and played with them all at Best Buy, I couldn't see how I'd use the camera tech difference between the 2. Sprint doesn't use mm wave 5G, so that's unnecessary. The weight of the Ultra was quite a bit as I played with them. I didn't realize until using them all that even the S20+ is taller than the 10+, not by much, but still taller. They are amazing looking phones and all screen. I'm excited for this spec bump. I'll have to get used to right side buttons for volume!!!
  8. Agreed, but I also worry about this autofocus issue because this exists currently on the S10+ that I see occasionally. And it's possible it'll get fixed with software updates, but maybe it's a hardware issue. They changed the way they do their autofocus with the S20 line, so who knows?? I'm trying to get my lease payments cleared up so I can pre-order. As usual, Sprint online says different things than Sprint executive teams. When do the pre-orders stop??
  9. Oof, not a good review for the S20 Ultra auto-focus. Seems like they're not big on the 108 or 40mp pictures from the rear or front cameras compared to the standard 12 or 10mp shots. This may swing me back to the S20+, but I'm certain the auto-focus will suffer there too. The S20+ has different sized senors than the Ultra, so it's going to be a hard decision I fear. Otherwise, the photos hold up against the iphone 11 pro pretty well. Good review of the photo details, IMO. https://www.inputmag.com/reviews/samsung-galaxy-s20-ultra-review-camera-comparison-flawed-autofocus I'll wait for MKBHD's reviews before I order anything.
  10. I just ordered this thin case to get an idea of the size of the Ultra in pocket. I can't find a display here in Madison and if I did, not sure they'd let me pocket it to see if it fits okay, lol.
  11. I've reserved them, and my bill rolls over on the 21st, so not sure if I'll click into 12th payment status or not. I may have to wait another month. We'll see Saturday.
  12. so... S20 at $41.67 S20+ at $50 S20 Ultra at $58..... That's like 2 less beers a month, so obviously going Ultra. 🤣 🍻 My only hesitation is the size of the Ultra, but I've toyed with a Note10+ and it's only a few mm longer than that.
  13. Thank goodness. It was going to be a tough family talk on how all our lines were going up $5-10 with the S20 and then add more on top for the 5G.....
  14. Are they still doing the plan $$ bump for 5G? I thought it was supposed to be $10 more a line or something.
  15. I do not see that issue. I do occasionally get hiccups in using the "recents" section where I can't click on the last used app in the recents section, but have to scroll back and forth until it catches up. Minor annoyance.
  16. On your WiFi Calling settings page, when you click WiFi calling networks.....do you have more than one network (your currently connected network) listed? I'm having all kinds of issues with WiFi Calling. Sprint calls into my phone while I'm on WiFi Calling will NOT ring, rings on the callers end and then goes to VM without me ever knowing. Turn off WC, and the phone rings just fine. Calls from any other carrier work just fine with or without WC enabled. I'd like to disable the WC from my home network, but it keeps reconnecting. I have cleared caches through recovery, reset profile, etc. Even factory reset after the Android 10 update. I need WC at work since I often go to a sub basement level where there is no signal. Just curious if others are having such an issue. WC is a real PITA.
  17. I haven't stepped into a Walmart in years. ha ha.
  18. I've switched over to Google Pay, because I really only use it on my watch(es). It's extremely rare for me to run into a terminal now that doesn't take the NFC payments so my watch GP works best. My bank will remove my digital numbers from Samsung Pay if it's inactive for a month, so just haven't put my cards back in. It is amazing how within 6 months everyone finally turned on their NFC payments on the verifone terminals. I think I only hit one store this Christmas shopping period that didn't take it. Prior to that, Samsung Pay was superior, but now it doesn't really matter.
  19. Thanks! they have the Magic Box Gold at their house already, I'll make sure it's up to date. Though they finally upgraded their internet so there's not too much of a need for it anymore.
  20. Popping back into this thread quick, read back a few pages but....... Is the "Magic Box Gold" still the newest Magic Box? I'm heading home this weekend and want to make sure I update anything necessary for them then. Thanks guys!
  21. Everything seems to be pretty functional for me. I don't see, or haven't run into, many bugs with my normal routine. I tried the gestures, but fell back to the Nova Launcher and the older full screen navigation. Everything is very snappy, camera works well and fast. Man, Android 10 really is a nothing-burger on the user end, short of the gestures. Very glad I didn't suffer through the betas for this.
  22. Can't believe they left that huge LTE in the status bar. Surprising
  23. Boy, this full screen navigation is tough to use right now. Too bad it's that or Nova, no "and".
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