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  1. I don't know how excited I am for this. My experience on Calling Plus is VERY mixed with quality. Often folks on the other end complain I sound very choppy on a Calling Plus (on LTE) call, also losing audio for a couple seconds. Other times it's like I'm sitting in the same room with them. I hope there are some improvements afoot over Calling Plus quality. 

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  2. Sprint enters the Relay race

    This jives with the comment the NC and southeast regional manager told me.  "We're going to be putting small cells on light poles all over in 2016, honey". She actually said every 4th light pole, but that was probably a quaint southernism to mean a lot. 

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  3. I knew that NFC antenna would be moved to the top of the phone (ala Apple) with the finger print sensor on the back.  Wouldn't make sense to use it that way otherwise if it were more center placed as they are now on most phones.  Too bad it won't have wireless charging (or Sprint WiFi Calling). 

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  4. No, we did not miss it.  Both Milan in his comment and I in my article mention the likelihood of the Snapdragon X7 LTE (MDM9635) standalone baseband.


    The RDFs may lend some credence to that connection, but they also list the processor chipset as "Istor," which makes no sense.  So, that calls the accuracy of the RDFs into question.




    And the RDF says it has an SD card slot that supports up to 128GB SDXC.  Basically, the details beyond build number and MAYBE OS version of a RDF page really can't be trusted.  But again, this one says 5.0 when it was made clear that it was launching with 5.0.2.

  5. Fantastic break down. I'm disappointed in the lack of SVDO for the S4 as Madison won't see usable LTE for quite some time, I'd guess. I really don't want to get the HTC One because no removable battery and no expandable storage......grrrr.....tough decisions. I'm just hoping this X phone has merit and Google will shock us all with something amazing and usable on Sprint with LTE (but I'm not holding my breath). And as much as I think the idea of wireless charging is nice, I didn't realize the signal took a hit because of it. However, world roaming (assuming there's a sim in there??) would be very nice addition as I find myself overseas quite often these days.

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