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  1. Sprint sure is dragging their feet on 5.1! I'm still on KXA21.12-L1.28.
  2. Back in early July I posted about coverage getting worse this summer, in spite of 1x800... Well, for the first time ever I'm now getting 1x800 at home. It started about a week ago. Not sure if foliage dropping is allowing 1x800 from a different tower now, or if they re-tuned its coverage in my area... I am psyched to see 1x800 at -100dbm indoors!!
  3. Both Verizon and USC have reasonable prepaid options. USC's LTE coverage is only good in several states, and I do a fair amount of traveling. I've still got a Verizon vendetta after they overcharged me $28.xx on my first bill after Alltel. If Sprint's new build doesn't improve my area, I really think I'll have to drop the grudge and go back Thanks for the input!
  4. Do you know when the Hwy 60 towers were sectorized? I've lived at Hartville for 3 years now, I was closer to Hwy 60 before that. All I remember seeing in the past 3 years are sectors. Yeah, I'm closely watching the new sites! Not holding my breath though. I live on a high point, and used to be able to hit 3 different Hwy 60 towers from my porch, all of them about 20-25 miles away. Service at home is mostly acceptable now, even though it's common to have to go outdoors in the summer. My wife's phone is on Republic Wireless, so the built-in Wifi calling gets used a lot. What's odd is th
  5. It's worse this year than ever before, though, and we have 1x800 now...
  6. Did anyone else see fringe coverage degrade after NV sites started showing complete on 800mhz? I'd been holding out hope that 800mhz tuning would improve things, but it got worse instead of better. I live about 20 miles off the Hwy 60 corridor, and regularly drive Hwy 5 between Mansfield and Hartville. First low areas where 1900mhz used to work started dropping out (maybe 2 years ago), then when they first turned 800mhz on the coverage improved...but I couldn't hold a call for more than 30 seconds on 800mhz! They finally fixed that about 6 months ago, but now that we're in full summer foli
  7. Any ideas why I'm not seeing a 1x800 signal worse than -104 in my market? It's as if that's the cutoff level. I have usable LTE down to -115 to -120 all the time....
  8. That makes sense. The address range shown is about 1-2 miles from where the actual sites are. Thanks!
  9. 1x800 deployment has been funny here. My Moto X has been latching onto it quite frequently, but the coverage seems identical to 1x1900... Calls drop in the same locations while driving as they did on 1900. Signalcheck never shows my 1x800 signal going below -104db. If it's bouncing around from -100 to -104 when i'm on the fringe, it's working fine... but if it sits at -104 too long it seems as if it doesn't have a usable data link, and just hasn't figured that out yet. Eventually it will drop back to 1900 until it scans for 800 again. Also, Signalcheck is showing 800mhz service from tw
  10. I'm starting to see 1x800 south of I-44. On the 12th my phone kept bouncing on/off a site somewhere along US60, and on the 13th it bounced on/off a site along I-44 somewhere east of Marshfield.
  11. I saw a lot of 1x800 in Des Moines a couple weeks ago... Wish they would hurry up here in the Ozarks!
  12. It really doesn't seem like lowering the scan time changed anything
  13. From the reading I was doing, I think it has to do with the amount of time outgoing data is cached for resending, until it fails as a timeout? Not sure.
  14. What is this LTE available file you speak of? On my engineering screen I have LTE-Available, but when I go into it it just says "Reading"
  15. According to this post, the Galaxy S4 has input validation on the field, with a 5 minute minimum. Once I get my MSL, I will certainly try and set it lower, though
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