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  1. No, but 41 is the preferred band, followed by 25 and then 26. In my experience it switches from 41 to 25 at 1-2 bars when on the same tower (depending on where I am in my house).
  2. Yea, I have found B41 to be a little touchy. I have an iPhone 6+ and I see 30+ down and 15+ up consistently when I am on 41.
  3. I get B41 on the north side quite a bit. Not sure if its just where I am or what...
  4. If you're talking Eagle River I was there in January and was on 1x the entire time. You would think with as many people that go there and to Rhinelander (by hodag grounds and the scout camps easily 20k+ people in a summer that could all be serviced by a single tower location [granted high capacity]) they would have all their own LTE towers but noooo... Extended 1x.
  5. I have a 5S and I am never on 3g except for a few areas where the towers aren't complete. I have LTE everywhere else and pull 20+ megs down and 8+ up. I have never had no service (even in basements that I never thought there would be any chance of service I had service). EDIT: Added the quote.
  6. Just an update, the Brown Deer/I-43 tower is now broadcasting B26. Where I hardly had service before, I know have 2 bars of LTE.
  7. One thing I have noticed too, is that 1900 3g penetration has gotten better too. Where I once had 2 bars, I now have 4 bars. I knew they said the new equipment was better, but I didn't think it would be that much better.
  8. I have an iPhone. Is it possible for me to change band priority?
  9. Thanks Robert! And... Band 25 is 1900 and Band 26 is 800? And then the 2600 is Band...41 if I remember?
  10. I heard someone say that ALL Samsung work (1x800/800LTE/1900LTE/19003G) is supposed to be completed by march. Is this accurate. That means 800 LTE will be here within a few months then?
  11. So then whats the difference between 1x800 and 1x800SMR? Are they the same thing or is there an actual difference? Thanks!
  12. Just out of curiosity, when I look at the acceptance report from the weekend and see 33 accepted with 3 LTE and 17 CDMA800, that means the remaining 13 are 1x800, right? And the CDMA800 are 800 MHz 3g? I know the LTE would be specified 800, so the ones for now are just in the PCS band.
  13. Considering the amount of acceptances we are seeing it doesn't surprise me. I would actually consider that to be a good thing because of all the progress being made. Slightly frustrating I'm sure, but IT'S COMING!!!!
  14. When 800MHz comes your problems will be solved (a gain of normally 2+ bars) [i went from no service to 4 bars when my tower got 800].
  15. Just hang in there. Once 800 MHz LTE is launched (should be by Jan/Feb I think I read for Samsung completion) coverage will drastically improve. In my new house I used to have no service and had to get an Airave, but now that 1x800 has been launched I have 4 bars. LTE will be much the same when 800MHz goes live.
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