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  1. Interesting. Anyone know anything about Ohio, specifically the Cincinnati market when it comes to small cells etc? Thanks guys
  2. Since when do they not allow updates over LTE under 100 meg? I'm coming from 9.1 beta 5, update is 30 or so meg and it's telling me I need to be on wifi.
  3. So I signed up for iPhone forever about a week and a half ago. Ordered the iPhone 6S Plus. They originally said is wouldn't ship until 10/19-10-22. However on Saturday morning I got the email saying it had shipped. UPS tracking says it will arrive today however it still says origin scan in Louisville at their hub. Email UPS and they can't give me a date (despite it still saying I'll get it today) of when it will be at my door until it gets a departure scan from Louisville. Seems very odd. Plus it says in transit to UPS despite giving me an origin scan date. This happen to anyone else?
  4. Can someone post a screenshot of the deal. Not pulling up in my safari
  5. Hope they can add the Bahamas before my cruise later this year.
  6. Any better than 20.1 and our terrible drops to 3G?
  7. Robert, how many site hits from Japan today? Congrats guys. Pretty cool to see the change come so fast
  8. Lots of band 25 to 3G drops in Cincinnati too the past 48 hours. Wonder what that could mean...
  9. Just signed up for this last night. Can't wait to get my hands on your app! Thanks
  10. Hey guys. So went ahead and got the G3 on Sprint. Anyone have a Framily plan I can add on to? I realize there is reddit and websites for this but I trust you fine folks much more. Thanks as always!
  11. Hey guys. As I'm sure most of you don't know I'm a subscriber of AT&T. I have been following this thread closely for nearly a year now. I would really like to switch to Sprint very soon mainly for the unlimited data. Before I test out the network I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Sprint in the Cold Spring, KY area. I see from Sensorly that LTE seems to be a bit lite there. But in Highland Heights things looks pretty strong. I'm likely more concerned with Voice/text since I will be on WiFi at home anyways. Can anyone clue me in if 1X800 has been deployed in this area. Or if not your experience in the NKY area. Much appreciated, thanks everyone.
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