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  1. So, what happens to Mobile Citizen's ability to dispense their services (which by my primitive understanding, is Sprint's entire service and comes from their client's licenses of 2.5gHz exchanged with Sprint)?
  2. In your opinion, would this include Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen? Might they get access to all the T-Mobile bands?
  3. Can you share your source? Any idea about the monopole inside-antenna tower located on the driving range of the Tuscawilla Country Club?
  4. There's a site at the Winter Springs city hall that is showing Band 41 on the cellmapper site. It says "first spotted" on June 3. I haven't personally hit it, but I'm hopeful that the area, which has been barren, is getting some love. Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  5. I'm seeing various Sprint executives talking of capex in the next couple of years rising to $5-6B; also committing to "every" (or sometimes worded as "virtually every") tower being upgraded to all three bands. My GMO has a pathetic 5mHz wide Band 25, and that's all. I'd appreciate any commentary from the seasoned Sprint-whisperers here about whether I'm likely to see the Band 41 I covet so greatly.
  6. Would you elaborate? I didn't know about GMO sites until researching it today. Most of what I read was in the context of Network Vision from a few years ago. The site closest to me (B25 only) is owned by Vertex. Originally, when it was built 9 years ago, both Sprint and Clearwire had spots on the tower. Is there a way to confirm if it's GMO, and possibly determine Sprint's plans? Thank you. EDIT to add that B26 is on a tower further away and gives me pitiful performance if I force a connection.
  7. I'm in the northeast suburbs of Orlando. It appears that there are more posts about Orlando in the Jacksonville thread than here. Last post before now was 10 months ago! I'm 500 yards from a tower (internal antenna, camouflaged pole type) that has no B41 and just 5×5 B25; so, basically, Sprint service sucks. B41 is 1.7mi away, through foliage, so I can't get anything from there no matter what antenna configurations I try. Is there any news as to what Sprint's plans are for greater Orlando (now that no merger is in sight)? Here's an idea. I know it's a big stretch, but.... I recently met the Japanese Consul General for Miami. Is this influence path improbable: me -> Japanese Consulate -> Softbank -> Sprint -> B41 !
  8. I can't check right now, but here's a picture of Band 41 from Sprint: The light yellow uncannily conforms to my city's boundaries.
  9. Is it possible that an upgrade to my lowly 5×5 B25 (only site within reach) is being delayed because it's going to make the jump to B41 with 8T8R? :Fingers-crossed:
  10. I'm stuck on 5×5 with no Band 41 in sight. Has Sprint made any public declarations about their intent to upgrade weak spots to 10 or 15? I'm not looking for promises - just some indication that they know I (and my slow service) exist.
  11. I'm going by what my modem (EM7455) reports when on B25. Never have seen anything but 5mHz. I never had Clearwire, but the representations from the builder of the tower when it went in 9 years ago was that Clearwire was going to have a spot. If that was the case, is it the natural progression for Sprint to provision old Clearwire 2.5-2.5gHz spectrum to Band 41 2.5-2.7gHz? Or does the fact that it has B25 5×5 suggest it's more likely that the next upgrade will be to take B25 to 10×10 or 15×15 ?
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