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  1. The 4g alert ony signalcheck pro has been going wild the last two days at my work. My office is by Palmers deli at 29th and Ingersoll The only audible alert iI have set on signal check pro is for 4G. I have not been able to see a 4g connection yet but its got to be getting a faint or inconsistent 4g signal by all the notices I'm hearing.
  2. This morning I updated my profile, prl, went into settings then apps and cleared the data on signalcheck pro. I have 4g in pleasant hill. Here are the signalcheck pro and engineering LTE screen shots.
  3. Yes I would agree the service there is horrible. I work on Ingersoll
  4. I'm still getting the 1 x 800 service on the new 64th street right now and have been getting it all day. I live in pleasant hill and ever since the one on dean ave and be 64th have gone to 1 x800 I've connected to those instead of the tower in pleasant hill that is still RTT. My wife has an older sprint phone and does not connect to 1x800 towers. She connecting to the pleasant hill RTTtower.
  5. I go past the fairgrounds every morning. This morning we had the 800 service
  6. I was on my way to newton and had the 800 service. From Colfax all the way to newton and back. Towers in Colfax, Kellogg an newton had the 800. I got one screenshot showing it.
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