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  1. I hope so. Data connection is so slow, especially inside Costco. Tried out a friend's phone with Band 12 700mhz on T-mobile and it works flawlessly there.
  2. Haven't been in much of Dover today but the stretch between Garrison's Lake to Cheswold on Rt13, that I got 3G before, is now showing B41. There was also a little blip right near Wolfie's Bar & Grille in Smyrna.
  3. Nice. Looks like it's definitely Band 26 which explains why LTE is more consistent inside.
  4. That's true but before April 1, I couldn't get a consistent LTE signal inside my friend's home on Carter Rd. It would switch back and forth to 3G until now. Also there was a stretch between Garrison's Lake to Cheswold on Rt13 where I could only pick up 3G but now it remained on LTE. I also experienced this by the Dover Fire Department/Foxhall on Kenton Rd.
  5. Looks like another tower went live today by Carter Rd in Smyrna and one by Cheswold. Will need to have it confirmed. My phone also remained on LTE all the way from Smyrna through Dover on Rt13, which is great.
  6. Hopefully there will be better signals by Christiana Mall, even though there's LTE already. I shop regularly at Costco and 3G data speeds are so slow inside. Not sure if it's the building but I've been at other Costco warehouses where LTE/3G was fine. I guess patience is the key lol
  7. Passed by the Greene Turtle restaurant in Dover earlier. Here's a speedtest. The signal switched back to 3G when I reached Dover Mall.
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