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  1. What kind of rates and plans do you currently have with Sprint? Are you sure there aren't better deals out there? Plans rates among all providers have dropped substantially in the last 6 months. Don't stick with slow sprint 3g just because it's "Unlimited". I think you'll find that even with good 4g lte you will use far less data than you think. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  2. Well I can tell you from first hand experience that AT&T has the best service in the Morgantown area. I spent 8 years on sprint here and also 2 concurrent years with a Verizon work phone. 3 months ago I switched to Cricket which uses AT&T LTE network and it has surpassed both Sprint and Verizon here by a wide margin. Granted the LTE is capped at 8mb/sec but that is plenty enough for everything including netflix and hbo go. USCC is also pretty good here in Morgantown and a lot of WV but their drawback is there LTE is small and because I spend a lot of time in PA and pittsburgh they are not really an option. If you intend to stay primarily in Morgantown area I'd rank them ATT, USCC, Verizon, then Sprint. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  3. What I don't understand is why people in Morgantown even chose sprint at all. For years I had sprint in Morgantown. Prior to lte the service was comparable to the other carriers. I remained with them simply because my Sero plan could not be touched in terms of price. But rates are as low as they've been in years! I finally saw the light and couldnt be happier and with no end in site to ntelos users it's like beating yourself in the head repeatedly. Slow speeds and prices that are no longer that competetive. Sure it's unlimited but when your speeds max out at .50mb it would take you 3 months to hit the 3Gb, 5 GB , or 10GB plans that are available. Hell, Verizon now is offering 10GB shared between two lines for $110 now. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  4. Haven't kept up much since moving to Cricket but just for giggles I talked to a Sprint rep at the mall in Morgantown. For the first time ever I feel like I wasn't having smoke blown up my butt by a sales rep. I asked him if Sprint will ever get LTE in Morgantown. His response was they during their weekly sales meeting the reps were informed that Morgantown would not have LTE until at least January 2016! He almost seemed embarrassed to even tell me that. For me the Cricket switch has been great. It's not unlimited but it's 10GB per line for $55 each. That's cheaper than my Sero lines were. Unbelievable that Sprint would allow this to happen. If that date is indeed true that means they will be at least 3 years behind ATT, Verizon, and USCC in my area. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  5. Surely that's a good sign. Hopefully the ball is finally rolling. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  6. I'm having an issue but it's more related to the phone than sensorly. I'm trying to track the extent of LTE in my town. What I've noticed is that all goes well when I drive from an LTE location out toward 3g territory. But once the phone gets on 3g and I drive back toward LTE area it takes forever before the poo hone switches back to LTE. So I'm not really getting the full footprint of LTE coverage. Sometimes the phone will hold onto 3g even when the LTE signal is strong. Has anyone mapped in LTE only mode? There is an app called advanced signal status that allows me to select that option on my s5. I think that would give a true lte footprint. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  7. That would be horrible. nTelos can't even get their own LTE network built in a reasonable timeframe. May be an extremely long time before they start taking advantage of Sprints additional spectrum. Upgrades must be in place by 2017. That may be the case. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  8. I'm still subscribed to this thread and I still have friends here so I wanted to give an update on my switch to Cricket from Sprint. I'm 1 week into my new service. I switched my 2 $50 Sero 500 lines over to the 10GB $55 Cricket plan. Since this is prepaid I end up saving a few bucks. Anyway, so far I've enjoyed the faster speeds and better coverage. I picked up a Galaxy S5 Active so a lot of the new experience includes a nice new phone so that's also added to the experience. I've been using sensory quite a lot and remapping the same areas I mapped with sprint. Also running a lot of speed tests. I'm lucky enough to have my entire town covered with AT&T LTE so my data speeds are consistently around 8mb down (capped by cricket) and 8mb-16mb up. So I'm very happy with that. It's not blazing fast t-mobile speeds but plenty enough for everything I do. In comparison my sprint throughput had turned dismall. <0.5mb both directions. Call quality is vastly improved but I'm 100% positive that's due to upgrading to the s5 from an Evo 4G LTE. Porting was zero problem and took all of 2 minutes. I got an email from Sprints new CEO and he wanted to contact me to see why I left. (Automated message of course). I'm pretty happy right now. Kind of weird having my first GSM phone and having the freedom to swap out devices if I want. May pick up a beater phone to take with me when I'm doing dirty nasty field work. But I'm liking the Active right now. I'm sure I'll continue to keep an eye on this thread so I will know when WV finally gets sprint LTE. I things ever progress in nTelos land I'm not against coming back. As long as the network is good and the prices are fair. Right not there is no contest, faster speeds, better coverage, cheaper price. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  9. Service will be fine if you are along major roads. You'll just have crappy data speeds. Hopefully you are kidding about being scared about lack of service. You must be a very young pup. You know there was a time not too long ago when everyone was brave and traveled the country without electronics in their pockets. Just a handful of dimes to use at a payphone I need the side of the road. [emoji12] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A
  10. Thanks to both of you for the info. I must've been in an airhead mood because for some reason I overlooked that option. That description makes a lot of sense.
  11. Interesting. I didn't realize you could turn off the maps. Also, unjust looked through the setting and didn't notice anyway to delay reporting until WiFi.
  12. Does anyone know how much data is consumed on Sensorly while mapping a trip? I assume most of the data would be from loading maps as you travel along. Is sensorly working by just logging signal dbf as specific time or distance intervals? The reason I ask is because most other carriers do not offer unlimited data so those on ATT, Verizon, T-Mo, etc may shy away from using sensorly simply because they fear it's a data hog. Whether it's a misconception or not. I've read that a single Oookla Speedtest will consume around 20MB of LTE Data. For reference how much data is consumed by Sensorly in a 1 hour mapping session?
  13. “nTelos Wireless has established an enviable position as an industry leader in an extremely competitive market by delivering the level of service customers want at a reasonable price,” Lol
  14. Well I didn't intend for my post to be a "diatribe". I've been frustrated but not bitter. If I sounded angry I don't really mean to. Prior to the LTE era Sprint served me quite well. The sero plan was great and 3g data speeds were reasonable. Now today's internet, video streaming, audio, mms, etc has created larger data demands that just dont work that well with 3g. I'm sure you are right concerning being a Sprint customer in nTelos territory. Guess it doesn't make a whole lot of sense now-a-days but when I joined sprint they had national plans when nTelos was only offering regional plans. Times have changed. I've chatted with several people here and made a few friends. Just wanted to let them know what my plans were. I wish all of you guys the best and I'm hoping Sprint turns things around.
  15. You are right. That's one aspect I debated and ended up crunching some numbers to justify things. I purchased a galaxy s5 for my wife that was new online last night for $430 and I'm still looking for something for myself. Would like a G3 or s5 active. I seen some good looking used phones in the $425 range. I can probably recoup $100-$125 for my wife's iPhone 4s with accessories. Not sure my 4g LTE has any value. Will probably let my daughter use it as a Netflix player. I will certainly cost me more money for the phones but at least its not $700 per device. Like I said, I'm taking a shot. We'll see how it goes.
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