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  1. I had the most 4G i've ever experienced this morning in from my commute, just south of Ankeny all the way past downtown on 235...it was solid the entire drive.
  2. While at work out by Jordan Creek, i notice i'm connect to a tower that says it's 445 S 64th St, West Des Moines...I checked the maps and didn't see we had one listed there. SignalCheck has it as BID 291(x123). Maybe i'm looking in the wrong spot here.
  3. last night in Ankeny, i hit 4g on SE Oralabor right in front of Tractor Supply...by the time i switched to sensorly (which it did map at the point i was) to map it, it disappeared..I swear that SignalCheck showed the tower ON SE Peachtree. Looking at the map though, i'm not seeing anything close over there. Any ideas?
  4. I ran into some 4G on the way to work today, Sensorly picked it up and mapped it..just North of the East mixmaster.
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