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  1. Read that...but i don't think that it applies to iPhones....
  2. Ok...that's what i read i think...but i wasn't sure. So, this is why iPhones don't have to wait for update to use LTE800....
  3. If true that this will happen over next month or so, then this means that they will break the current contract with 1500 family plan folks to force people over to FRAMILY etc. We just upgraded 2 of 4 lines. So, this will mean that i may look into other carriers without termination fees? Sprint will lose me if they force me to FRAMILY bc the cost will be higher. If they will "grandfather" me, then i will stay. No big loss for me. Might hurt Sprint more if more folks leave Sprint over this. Sprint right now does not have the coverage (nor speed) to really call the shots and act arrogant like Verizon or ATT.
  4. I know that the new Android tri-band devices rely on eCSFB/CSFB to get calls across to your phone while on LTE. Does the iPhone also use eCSFB when it connects to LTE? That is, if a tower has LTE 800 but has not had the eCSFB upgrade, then can iPhone 5S connect to it AND also receives calls? I read somewhere on this forum that iPhone rely on something else to do this. Thanks.
  5. No, not yet. This was on my way home on the highway. In freezing rain (for Texan!), I pulled over like a geek when I got LTE 26! Sacrifice for you guys!
  6. Here it is. Engineering screen with band 26. My speedtest app screen shot was too big to upload. Speed was 13.35 Mbps download and 3.64 Mbps upload. Ping 56.
  7. Damn, i think that i deleted the screen shot from my phone (and photostream) after showing it to my brother. Band 26, bandwidth 5Mhz. Once i drive over that area, i can take another screen shot. But, yeah, i am pretty happy that my 5S jumped to 26 pretty regularly. I have no idea about band priority. Mine is NOT jailbroken...ios7.0.4.
  8. Oops, sorry...Sugar Land Texas. Around my house, i get band 25. But, around my area, even down towards Needville, i get Band 26 and 25. And then towards Katy from Sugar Land, i also get band 26. Speed varies a lot, but i got 20 Mbps download enroute to work with band 26. BUT, i have noticed that i have now LTE where i did not before...probably from band 26 longer range? According to Sprint text message last week, my area will be fully upgraded within next month. Not sure what that means...but you guys probably know more than me. And yeah, my iPhone 5S switched seamlessly without any effects on calling/texting ability.
  9. Which thread is this? If true, then this is good news. Is there an app or way to see what LTE band 5S is on?
  10. Any update on 5S being able to use LTE800? Has any other tri-band phones been able to use LTE800 with any consistency?
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