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  1. Thanks for the Welcome guys. I have been offline for two days. Thursday night at 11pm my Clear site went down, the one they just installed new equipment on. Clear CS said the tower is reported as down and gave me a ticket number. I am now operating on a backup connection, the next Clear site to the east of me over 7 miles away, it is very low speed, only around 200K down. Bill
  2. Ok good to know, I am no expert, just posted what I could see. The one on the right looked different, I guess it is mounted differently. This is the second week they have been working at that site. Last week I could see large black cables on the ground around the equipment cabinets. What could that be used for? New hybrid power & signal cables to connect up the tower to the new RRUs?
  3. Yesterday I noticed workers up on a tower out in the south part of the KC area. I took some photos that show what must be an upgrade to TD-LTE at the Clear site. Bill
  4. I joined sometime back but never got around to posting. Great info, guys keep up the good work! I have been using Clear from it's start here in KC. It's my primary connection to the net. Worlds better than the WildBlue satellite I had before. I live in a rural area south of KC, just out of reach of any land line that could offer high speed home internet service. I am retired, living on my SS for the most part and the $45 I pay for Clear is a bargain. I will be keeping Clear until the day Sprint pulls the plug on it. The reason for xrayman is that was my old CB handle. I worked in the x-ray business for 43 years. Thanks, Bill
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