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  1. Now I am really confused! We were all lead to believe that 4G would provide better penetration. Does that mean I need to place my phone back to 3G before having sex? LOL! Actually, it's not that big of a deal to switch back and forth - I get full bars for phone calls in CDMA and 3-4 bars when using data in 4G (usually 7.5-15 Mbps). Bottom line is service has improved significantly. P.S. Sensorly reflects a 4 bar signal is tops for 4G.
  2. This is what I woke up to this morning (near DMAFB Wilmot Gate, Tucson, Az)!
  3. 4G speed download 8.8 Mps but now signal strength has been reduced to 3-4 bars. It used to be 6 solid bars.
  4. FINALLY!!!!! 4G at Wilmot/Nicaragua, Tucson (DMAFB Wilmot gate).
  5. Guess I'll have to "hook" El Con onto my trailer hitch and pull it over to my neighborhood on the southeast side of town (S Wilmot/E Nicaragua) LOL!
  6. Thank you, I think -- over 10 yrs with Sprint and never saw that one before - appreciate your time and knowledge.
  7. This morning when I checked my phone (o/a 0530) there was a message stating there was "no data connection" with eHRPD 11 showing but when I checked the web it was working - a "restart" of the phone then cleared the message - 3g was reflected throughout this time frame and my neighborhood has yet to see any 4g. Thanks for your input.
  8. Century Link completed fiber optic install at 3455 S Wilmot last Thursday - any idea when this tower will fire up 4g?
  9. Fiber optic line almost installed at Wilmot/Nicaragua (near DMAFB Wilmot gate).
  10. Have they forgotten DMAFB and Rita Ranch, aka Southeast Tucson?
  11. EJWagner, on 12 Nov 2013 - 10:38 PM, said: Hello All! Long time luker and avid supporter here of mapping and locating info for my fellow customers. My name is E.J. and I work for Best Buy inside of the Park Place Mall. I currently have Virgin Mobile's $35 plan. I can personally attest that even Virgin is getting 4G LTE just like all of the other Sprint customers ;^) Also there isn't a data cap that I have hit yet. I'm a HIGH data user and love this new 4G speeds!
  12. Nice "sales" pitch - can we please keep it "short" and on subject! Thank you.
  13. The signal you were receiving was, more than likely, coming from a Sprint cell site on the NW corner of S Pantano/E Irvington - antennae are mounted on a TEP high tension tower about halfway up.
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