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  1. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-inks-533m-reciprocal-long-term-spectrum-lease-deal-sprint Coverage has gotten better the past couple weeks. Must be why
  2. The question is can I use this as unlimited or is this considered roaming? Normally if I'm out of range it'll say extended network... In this case it doesn't. I'm just curious what sprint will see it as
  3. what exactly am I looking for to tell if it's T-Mobile?
  4. Awesome! Thanks everyone
  5. Shouldn't it say extended network if it was roaming on T-Mobile?
  6. Where exactly do I look? It's now back to bad signal
  7. I'm curious on this too. How do i look this up? My house is always terrible reception for sprint, but today I'm getting full signal. And only carrier here that's full signal is T-Mobile...
  8. I have the iphone 5. supposedly this tower at a place where I'm at has 800 band now, but dont get no reception in basement. how do I get my phone to get the 800 band?
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