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  1. 1 hour ago, dro1984 said:

    From Market Realist News:

    Sprint (S) is set to release its second-quarter earnings results on November 4 before the market bell. The company’s second quarter ended on September 30. It won’t host a conference call with analysts after releasing its earnings results. 

    Odd!   this is the second time Sprint will not do a live Earnings call.    This just says (to me) the news will not be very good.  

    I have been an auditor on several engagements where the auditee was in a M&A takeover or purchase and did not do a call. They only provided guidance. In my experience, it is not uncommon but those were low fortune 1000 companies, not a top 200 company.

    I think you may be reading into the move a little too much.

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  2. 11 hours ago, Tengen31 said:

    Could be a mix of macro sites and Small cells. Small cells have different B41 carriers than macro sites


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    Ok I found out what that earfcn is coming from. 

    Got home from work and thought I would tinker with my magic box. Sure enough it is that. At work, I am close enough to someone who has a MB 

  3. I upgraded to the Iphone XS max a month back and I have noticed much increased speeds when I have been on Band 41.

    Going through the updated field test (which is much different on XS Max than X), I was able to find all of the below.


    39874- B41

    40072- B41

    40270- B41

    41374- B41

    On the iphone, it is too difficult to see if I can aggregate all 4 together but speeds in several locations in town, my iphone can reach 130 to 150 consistently.  Downtown even during middle of day which has never happen. I wanted to know if any one else has seen 41374 lately?

  4. 21 minutes ago, Tengen31 said:

    No 10x10 B25 either?

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    No 10x10. There are 2 5x5 carriers.

    Sprints Albuquerque spectrum holdings are very limited.

    They have PCS Block B 30mhz, D 10mhz, and G 10 mhz. In addition, they have about 90 mhz of B41 (I finally found third carrier downtown) and 14 mhz of 800.

    They have two 1900 1x carriers, two 1900 CDMA Rev A. carriers. I don't think this is necessary as band 26 is pretty wide spread through the city. If they could trim those down and add a b25 carrier, that would be fantastic.

  5. 16 minutes ago, mdob07 said:

    Another new small cell, this was installed in April and went live in June. These things are popping up all over the place, definitely a benefit of AT&T having their own fiber everywhere around here.4b58c6fee95b52097c48e66b15b1c29d.jpg6208afbcda0b1fd18dbe32d296511d63.jpg5e19b5ee6e572b7fec6a9faa6416fec9.jpg

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    Just to confirm I am reading this right. You are connected to a 20mhz Band 2 aggregated with two 20mhz Band 46 (LAA TDD),

    How far away from the location do you lose Band 46? Very interesting. Proven FDD with TDD aggregation.

  6. 5 minutes ago, PythonFanPA said:

    Here's Dish's press release (just got this email as I'm a Dish customer too):


    I like these details.

    The prepaid businesses, including Boost Mobile, serve approximately 9.3 million customers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. At close, Sprint's prepaid businesses and customers will immediately move to DISH, as will the more than 400 employees and nationwide independent retail network that supports more than 7,500 retail outlets.

    Once DISH starts deploying its own facilities-based infrastructure, DISH's wireless customers will be able to seamlessly access the New T-Mobile network in areas where DISH has yet to deploy its own facilities. This Infrastructure MNO arrangement is part of the Master Network Services Agreement between the parties.

    The 800 MHz nationwide spectrum adds to DISH's existing 600 MHz and 700 MHz low-band holdings. The low-band portfolio, well suited for wide geographic coverage and in-building penetration, complements DISH's AWS-4 and AWS H Block mid-band offerings, which promise high data capacity potential with narrower operating range.

    DISH has committed to new buildout schedules associated with the company's 600 MHz, AWS-4, 700 MHz E Block and AWS H Block licenses. In addition, DISH has committed to deploy 5G Broadband Service utilizing those licenses.

    The new commitments require DISH to use its spectrum to deploy a nationwide 5G broadband network covering at least 70 percent of the U.S. population by June 14, 2023. If DISH fails to meet its 5G deployment deadlines, DISH will make voluntary contributions to the U.S. Treasury of up to $2.2 billion.

  7. 7 minutes ago, bigsnake49 said:

    It's great that Dish will take over the leases on at least 20,000 sites. That means that T-mobile won't have to pay those leases off.

    That is a synergy from this acquisition right away. Tmo will determine which sites to decommission and Dish has first right to select the site. The article said 20,000 but I assume more will be expected over the next 3 years.

  8. 10 minutes ago, bigsnake49 said:

    As part of the agreement, Sprint will divest its Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Sprint prepaid phone businesses. Sprint and T-Mobile will divest some of their wireless spectrum to Dish Network and make at least 20,000 cell sites and hundreds of retail stores available to the company. Dish will also be able to access T-Mobile’s network for seven years.

    State attorneys general from Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Dakota have signed onto the agreement. 


    So Dish is taking over all of Sprint-owned prepaid business, not just Boost.

    A big takeaway I just read was this, " Sprint and T-Mobile will divest some of their wireless spectrum to Dish Network and make at least 20,000 cell sites and hundreds of retail stores available to the company."

    I was wondering what they were going to do. Makes more sense.

  9. 4 minutes ago, bigsnake49 said:

    For a brand new, from the ground up probably but I think Dish will do it sooner than 7 years. Maybe 4-5. A lot will depend if they can use some parts of the Sprint network.

    That’s the keys that hasn’t been announced. I’m sure the removal of sprint sites will transfer ownership or something. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, dro1984 said:

    If all they have to divest spectrum wise is 800, then i'd say its a pretty good deal.   I think T mo has more 600 and 700 than Sprint has 800?

    Yes. 800 is basically 15mhz accross the county (reduced due to IBEZ). 700 is pretty much 10mhz across the US. When you add 600 (those holdings vary depending on location), this pushes it above the 800.

    However, I still don't like seeing them divest any.

  11. 8 minutes ago, bigsnake49 said:

    I thought they would do something with band 26. Too many bands to support otherwise. I wonder what will happen to band 12? How long are they going to keep that around? Or will they purchase the rest of band 12 from AT&T? I feel that this is not the end of spectrum horse trading.

    At least the purchase of band 26 isn’t for three more years. 

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