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  1. So I finally got to drive outside of Houston and to my surprise a lot of towers have 1x 800 enabled. On my way to College Station via I-45 (big game tomorrow), I was able to force my phone to 800 the entire trip except for 1/8th of the trip. The only bad part is that when I tried to use the phone on SMR, my calls would drop when the phone handoffed between two 800 enabled towers. I didn't get a chance to see if calls would handoff between bands, but I highly doubt it since it wouldn't do it within the SMR band. I guess its a work in progress. Also, as far as Base Station coordinates on SMR, I probably only ran into one tower whose BSL was correct just based on signal strength and location. One tower in Huntsville, TX showed the location being in Freeport, TX. That's way over 100 miles away. I really hope that the locations are corrected in the second phase of NV 2.0
  2. My phone actually connects to SMR voice and stays there most of the time if its available. I have yet to test out voice handoffs between the SMR and PCS band since I haven't found a sweet spot in town were my phone switches bands.
  3. So far, all calls work. I have received and placed calls perfectly fine. The only issue I have noticed is that every now and then some text messages will not send. I will say this about 1x on 800; it makes a difference. In areas where 800 CDMA has been introduced, I no longer roam like I used to (Suck it Verizon and Cricket Wireless )
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