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  1. Changing to "CDMA only" immediately let my phone "catch up" on what it was trying to do, via 3G.
  2. Today is the first time I've seen 4G indicated on my phone while downtown, in the vicinity of 6th & Grand. However, at the moment, I can't seem to get a data connection with it. Various things I've launched seem to time out as if no data is flowing, despite activity on the little up/down arrows beneath the 4G. Also, the little icon with the two semicircular arrows pointing at each other is staying on, which is what it does when it is having trouble syncing mail stuff in the background.
  3. A little sarcastic dissent doesn't exactly flourish around here. Please report to the principal's office for your spanking.
  4. The signal status helps me remember which level of my house I'm on: upstairs, 4G; downstairs, 3G, despite having the appearance of a strong signal in either place
  5. I seem to be getting reliable 4G at my home in sw Ankeny, and also during some stops near 235 & Euclid. Now, if they can get downtown proper turned on, it will be a Christmas miracle!
  6. 4G at my home this morning in the southwest corner of Ankeny. It dropped back to 3G a couple times, but during 4G, I got 4 kbps down/1.8 up. Not exactly Verizon speeds, but it beats 0.2-1.0 down on 3G.
  7. Man, my dropped call rate is through the roof the last couple weeks. I really hope these changes/upgrades get completed soon. Sadly, I'm accustomed to poor data speeds, but frequent dropped calls is a new insult.
  8. As long as they're taking to deploy, it better feel like 5G when they do turn it on!
  9. Yesterday, I was more cynical; today, I am a tad more optimistic based on some of these replies. Thanks for letting me vent (not too harshly, I hope).
  10. Well, I certainly hope that is the case, but I remain unimpressed until I actually see it. After constant disappointment, that's the only response I can muster at this point.
  11. Even when I got my first Evo in June, 2010, I was led to believe we'd see 4G service by the following summer. It is now over two years later than that "following summer," and still no 4G service. It's not even the same 4G service (WiMax vs. LTE). I'm pretty much ignoring any claims or estimates of service at this point, opting instead to be surprised when it does arrive. They'll probably turn on one tower downtown that will instantly be saturated to the point of uselessness, and let that languish for six months or more.
  12. Everything is always "right around the corner" with Sprint, yet the corner never comes. Good thing I've had a 4G-capable phone for the last 40 months. I feel like a fool for falling for it. I am not exaggerating. Really starting to burn through the goodwill they've built up over the last 14 years with me.
  13. Oh look, Des Moines isn't on the list again. This probably means two towers in each of the listed cities. ;-)
  14. Ah, okay, so basically toggling the radios via airport mode or a whole restart expedites the search cycle. That makes sense. When one turns on an app like SignalCheck, will that freshly poll all radios or does the phone need to already be established on LTE before LTE signal will appear in that app?
  15. What are these deliberate steps you speak of? Aside from placing yourself in the footprint of a known LTE tower? I was referring to the more passive situation going about a typical day. I just leave my phone in LTE/CDMA mode instead of CDMA mode, and assume that if it gets a whiff of LTE, it will switch. Are you doing more than that when you're not specifically near a known LTE tower? Are you doing something to force it to poll for LTE more frequently than it otherwise would? The only time I've encountered LTE coverage in this manner in the Des Moines area was a few weeks ago nea
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