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  1. Pics of signal check with before and after too ????
  2. Oh,OK I got excited there for a moment. I work at Bowden and 95 and have been complaining about the capacity constraint over there for sometime.
  3. Not sure. I can't see the tower from my house. At this particular site the Clearwire rack was on a tower about 100 yards from the B25 & B26 equipment rack. So I'm not sure if they consolidated or what.
  4. There is definitely work going on in the area. My home Tower just got its Clearwire equipment replaced with Sprint 8t8r antennas.
  5. Oakleaf definitely needs some B41. I was at the Chili's in Oakleaf just the other day and B25 & B26 could barely load a webpage.
  6. I have a Sprint Note 5 and I'm suing the Google Messenger app as my default texting app. Ever since I got the message that enhanced messaging was turned on I have seen random text messages either delayed or I never receive them. Other times they come through normal and on time. This goes for regular SMS from iPhones, Android devices from other carriers, MMS (Group Messages) and even RCS messages have gone missing. I will say it happens most often on MMS Group Messages and they come in like 24hrs late. Anybody else have similar issues?
  7. Make sure Google Messenger is your default texting app and do a Profile update. Then go into the Messenger app (wait a few seconds) and you should get the pop-up to turn it on.
  8. I'm having the same problem on my note 5 with Calls and texts. Sometimes my phone says No Service too other times it shows I have signal but No calls or texts. Never did it till the recent update.
  9. Now that I think about it it's probably that Spectrum sale and Lease buyback that they promised would go through before the end of the year.
  10. Nevermind "Sprint Announces New Pricing for Data-Hungry Customers: Unlimited Freedom for Business"
  11. It's either something big like Sprint has agreed to purchase US Cellular or something like Sprint to sponsor a new event or charity close to Marcelo's heart.
  12. Marcelo just posted on twitter saying: "TOMORROW is a very special day in my life. We have an awesome announcement to make that will make a lot of people proud. #can't sleep" In the comments someone asked if it was personally or professionally and Marcelo tweeted back "Both" Any ideas?
  13. No tears here sir, I have an NFL team in my backyard and the reality of the situation is the Jags are in Jacksonville, much to your dislike. I choose to focus on that fact rather than talk about what could or can happen down the road.
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