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  1. Anybody else having horrible indoor coverage? I work at the Quik Trip on 1st and Glenn, I can see an LTE tower about 100 yards away. When I go indoors, my coverage significantly drops from full to 2-3 bars. At other places I've noticed having 2-3 bars outside, then going inside and being at 3g half the time and a bar of LTE the other half.
  2. Is it safe to say that the majority of Sprint LTE sites will get 800 LTE, or B41? 800 LTE has better range correct, but slower speed?
  3. Question about tower on University For the tower a block South of SpeedWay and Campbell, I have a Nexus 5 and I always lose service because of the eCFSB issue that plagues the phone. Being on campus I always have to toggle my network mode between 3g and LTE My question is since this is a University, and is state land, does that mean this will be one of the last places that Sprint touches for their Network Vision? All I want is a eCFSB upgrade! LTE can wait! edit: On maps does Green mean 800 3g and LTE, or just 800 3g
  4. Is there a way to use a tmobile SIM card while still having the phone active on Sprint? Obviously not using both networks at the same time, either on Sprint, or T-mobile.
  5. Can a sponsor check for me in the Acceptance Reports Map if Speedway and Mountain (by the University) has had a network vision upgrade yet? I'm still having problems with eCFSB on my nexus and was wondering how things were going.
  6. If I installed a T-Mobile sim card, could I use my phone on Sprint if I had it set to CDMA in the *#*#4636*#*# menu, then change it's mode to GSM ONLY to receive my T-mobile service?
  7. Okay, I'll probably just switch to 3g until a tower closer to me gets upgraded, It's just frustrating losing signal for 45 seconds every 5 minutes.
  8. I was curious to how fluid Sprint LTE works in a completed market like New York. In my area, every time I drive I constantly get kicked back to 3g, and some LTE signals are weak. In a completed market how good does it work?
  9. I've read it, and can connect to LTE perfectly fine. When I'm close to the tower, everything works as supposed to, it's only when I have a fringe LTE signal that this occurs. So would it still be a problem with the handoff?
  10. Does anybody else have service problems when switching between LTE and 3g? If I have a bar or less of LTE, and am in an area I get 2-3 bars of 3g every time I send a text my phone goes to "Searching For Service" for 30-45 seconds before reconnecting. If I switch to 3g only, everything works. What's the problem>
  11. Can a sponsor please take a look at a map and tell me where Service Cell: 426 and 361 are? Should be in Tucson by University, I plan to donate next paycheck, but until then could someone help me at with some cross streets?
  12. Yea! Mobile data is on! and 3g works fine, just not LTE
  13. I am on the fringe of LTE, getting one - two bars (Signal Check says its higher), however I am not getting Data at all Why would that be? Wouldn't let me post photos, so here's drop box link https://www.dropbox.com/s/rvgoy0yxcx78bsb/unnamed.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/gl6cdcvqm18fpak/unnamed%20%281%29.png 3g Works Fine
  14. So when Sprint uses VOLTE sending voice over data, it still won't work?
  15. Me either! Can this be fixed with a SW update? Or is it strictly hardware? Or this phone support VOLTE (I think), so will it work then?
  16. When did you order yours? I ordered mine at 11:30pm, so I was just curious to when you ordered yours, and when yours came (I got my time of the emailed receipt)
  17. Who wants to go to 44 and Bell with me tomorrow? Cute girls please, or anyone will do I guess...
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