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  1. Using https://secure.sprintbuyback.com/cns/selector if you say your Nexus 5's carrier is Sprint, the trade in value is $97, saying it is T-Mobile, $150 And we all know that there is only one Nexus 5, Sprint and T-Mobile use the same exact model. The site requires you to enter your phones serial number too after you select the phone, which makes this difference in pricing awk.
  2. Tower on UA campus got 3g NV, now I can't even hold a 3g connection, it drops out or won't even connect for a week! Hopefully LTE comes soon
  3. I went back a few pages and checked the search function and couldn't find an answer, so pardon if this is a duplicate question. Any word when Sprint's preorder will go live? I'm already subscribed to updates from sprint/nexus6
  4. The city is Tucson and does 3g 800 require the permitting then for international? Weird seeing Phoenix having really decent 3g 800 coverage then Tucson not even having one site.
  5. In a city of 600,000 100 miles from an international border. Just some more clarification I won't see b41 for a bit.
  6. I called Sprint too today with the issue, told them the exact cell id, and location everything, Their response was that their info shows LTE working fully at my address, when in fact the tower they say is working maps say is 800 and LTE, and was working for 6-7 months, and the last 2 has been no 800 and no LTE. The Sprint lady also said that she would try her best to pin point the tower to get is resolved, but I highly doubt anything will happen...
  7. Called Sprint "The LTE says it is working fine." Then they told me to do an update on my phone, and insisted that all my friends and family who couldn't use LTE on the tower mustn't have the newest updates.
  8. Okay this is bothering me. 5 weeks and no 800 3g or LTE on my phone or my dads. Android and iPhone. Whats going on! There building a shopping center like 10 feet away from the tower... But why would they disable LTE?!?!
  9. Would Sprint have them operate separately and take advantagebof the spectrum, or rehaul all the tmobike sites to NV? Sprint obviously is cdma and T-Mobile is GSM so how would the consumer benefit?
  10. Im still getting nothing, its in the church of joys lot which I drove by and is being renovated into like a shopping center. So will the tower ever come back online?
  11. Something with the bandwidth I'm assuming. Thousands of people on Sprint trying to use 5mhz of spectrum doesn't go too well. Had a similar poblem in NYC
  12. 75th and Deer Valley tower down? The site is an 800 and an LTE site for some time so one would assume construction would be done. However I haven't even been getting a signal from that tower, right by it now I pick up a bar of LTE from site ID 90 (that site used to give me full coverage and the site ID I believe is 93). This has been going on for days. Anyone smarter than me have any theories?
  13. I know lucky me However at my house 1 mile away it's one bar, average 5-6 megs. But the 59th and the 101 tower still has yet to get Network Vision, meaning it is in the 15% (according to LTE Deployment running List) that has yet to get NV. So this could be good news bad news for you, I have a eCFSB problem whenever I visit this location. Basically my phone picks up a faint LTE signal from miles away, then kicks back to the non NV tower right where you're at, showing No Signal as it does this. My solution to this is to while I'm over there to have my phone set to 3g only mode, then to toggle back to 4g when I leave.
  14. I actually live in the Arrowhead Lakes community (75th ave and the 101 to be exact) and can say that I get full LTE there.
  15. Donate and you can see an exact location of LTE towers in the Phoenix area. As far as "9", using non sponsor information I can say that on 3/14-3/16 17 LTE sites were activated alone, The next week 2, then 10, and so on. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/3913-network-vision-site-acceptance-report-updates/page-8 And here http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/3913-network-vision-site-acceptance-report-updates/page-8 Puts Phoenix at 41% total deployment, which by the Sponsor Maps I can say is near 100% accurate. 85% of towers have Network vision and are simply waiting for the LTE bump
  16. I went back a few pages, but couldn't find anything. What has to happen for a site to get 800 LTE? I'm in Tucson and because of the international border, Sprint has to wait for permitting. When it is approved, is it simply a matter of installing a simple card and turning it on, or will the process take months?
  17. LTE Theoretical Range When I was driving down the I-10 back to Tucson from Phoenix I was picking up 1-2 bars around a little North of Casa Grande. I looked up the towers on the sponsor map, and GPS's the LAT and LONG, and the two towers I was bouncing between were about 5-6 miles away. This area is pretty much all rural with no physical barriers, and my LTE data was unusable, as discussed by the previous posts. Just interesting to see the theoretical maximum of LTE is around a little more than 5-6 miles, however the usable range which you can actually use data is much less. Don't know if anyone else has tested or played with anything like this, just found it interesting and figured I would share.
  18. Curious since I started seeing 3g towers populate as 3g 800 if anyone has picked up any Spark?
  19. This is me the next few days https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-4pMVGKWoepg/UoLx0HpM1gI/AAAAAAAAu_k/8uLysdem-eU/s0/nexus7update.gif
  20. I had a similar problem, and became a sponsor. Turns out the cell tower right by my house is literally one of the only towers out of 500 in my city to not have network vision, causing eCFSB issues.
  21. Sprint To Enable B46 && 21 http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/04/14/android-4-4-3-build-ktu48f-for-the-nexus-5-should-start-rolling-out-today-according-to-sprint/ For those of us with the Google Play Edition, will the Google OTA include the band activations too, or would I need to do a profile update?
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