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  1. Tucson's has no B26 or B41 active, so we finally got our first 10x10 B25 to atleast ease up some congestion finally!


    I can't get the LTE Engineering page up on my N6P, if you know of a way, let me know!


    Ninja Edit:



    _id first_time first_time_offset last_time last_time_offset last_device_latitude last_device_longitude last_device_loc_accuracy user_note provider plmn gci pci tac dl_chan strongest_rsrp strongest_latitude strongest_longitude 1 2/9/16 10:03 -7 2/9/16 10:04 -7 32.287514 -110.960024 21.78   Sprint B25 310120 06E02B02 358 14082 0 -77 32.287514 -110.960024   2 2/9/16 10:04 -7 2/9/16 10:06 -7 32.287514 -110.960024 21.78   Sprint B25² 310120 06E02B0A 358 14082 0 -75 32.287514 -110.960024  




    Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.19.22 AM.png

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  2. Looking at their website maps as well as officially launched markets, Phoenix is listed as LTE+, and the map states "Enjoy speeds delivered by Sprints new tri-band network." However I know for a fact that Phoenix doesn't have an ounce of B26 since it is currently in legal battles because Maricopa County uses it for public safety and maps show there are none.

  3. I'm not sure what this has to do with discrete math but it was one of my favorite courses in college as a math major!

    Yup! CS major! And I was trying to find an algorithm run time while reading your post so my brain didn't fully comprehend.


    What's your major

  4. From what I gathered in reading around the thread here it should be completed by the end of 2015, I know public safety in yuma is moving away from 800 and into 700 already

    Yuma has like 3 cell towers and a population of 50 lol.  So Sprint owns 700 already?  Thought there was some huge auction coming

  5. Trying to help out a friend, all the towers within 10 miles of him have 800 3g and B21, and some have B41.


    On his N5, he loses signal while driving in that radius for 20% of the time.  Though it was an eCFSB problem, but all towers in his area have been upgraded for several months.  Anyone else having problems with that?

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