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  1. Tucson's has no B26 or B41 active, so we finally got our first 10x10 B25 to atleast ease up some congestion finally! I can't get the LTE Engineering page up on my N6P, if you know of a way, let me know! Ninja Edit:
  2. Looking at their website maps as well as officially launched markets, Phoenix is listed as LTE+, and the map states "Enjoy speeds delivered by Sprints new tri-band network." However I know for a fact that Phoenix doesn't have an ounce of B26 since it is currently in legal battles because Maricopa County uses it for public safety and maps show there are none.
  3. Glad to see B41 chugging along nice in Phoenix, I get connections across everywhere I drive now. Still no word on Maricopa county and B26? B26 in my opinion is a must as it gives better building penetration.
  4. Any updates going on in the Tucson market? Back in Phoenix for the summer, and May, I barely got any B41 towers, now that's essentially all I get. Still no B26 love though here.
  5. Tucson here, hopefully things get going soon! Not a single B41 or B26 site live here yet, so we're all still relying on B25.
  6. Yup! CS major! And I was trying to find an algorithm run time while reading your post so my brain didn't fully comprehend. What's your major
  7. Sorry, discrete math and LTE don't go good at the same time!
  8. Yuma has like 3 cell towers and a population of 50 lol. So Sprint owns 700 already? Thought there was some huge auction coming
  9. So has the IBEZ been approved meaning they will start 800 rollout?
  10. Wait what? Tucson aka 100 miles from Mexico here, does this mean B26/ 800 1x is on the way? Link?
  11. If you even mention T-Mobile now, or post a test outside of the main MegaThread, you get downvoted to oblivion So I like to hope they cleaned it up a little
  12. One or two people even have "S4GRU Staff" instead of the usual "member"
  13. If you are a Redditor and head on over to https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/ , they will give your account a flair too! "Are you a member of S4GRU, a current or former Sprint Employee that would like the proper flair? Please look at the Wiki for details." If you see something you have knowledge on, feel free to comment and help people out, but don't share sponsor info!
  14. Anyone care to share the newest aok so I can install on my Nexus 5
  15. So quick question, how can Sprint deploy B41 in this area temporarily, then remove it without proper permitting? Phoenixan here, the area around the Stadium has no B26, and only 1 or 2 towers have B41, however the game was blanketed in B41 come gameday
  16. forgot to quote, so quoting so it tags
  17. Driving between 83rd and Gleason 66227 driving to lone elk and 164th 66062
  18. Yea the towers are pretty close together, 4-5 towers servicing his 10 mile drive. All have 800 3g and 800 LTE. Kansas city
  19. Trying to help out a friend, all the towers within 10 miles of him have 800 3g and B21, and some have B41. On his N5, he loses signal while driving in that radius for 20% of the time. Though it was an eCFSB problem, but all towers in his area have been upgraded for several months. Anyone else having problems with that?
  20. Saw a post potentially on here I believe? Mentioned that B41 is 2-3dBm weaker than B25 and B26 is 5-6 dBm stronger than B25 (but B26 can penetrate). Feel free to correct Edit changed typo
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