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  1. I've been experiencing the dropped calls the SE MI market as well. I contacted Sprint via eChat and was told it was going to be fixed literally the next day. I of course knew that was bs as it was about 3 weeks ago. Dropped calls persist between Royal Oak > Pontiac and Royal Oak > A2. I was given a small amount in hush money by customer care but it doesn't cure the sting of the pesky dropped calls.
  2. Thanks for the helpful information. This is one of the reasons why this site blows away so many others. It is Sprint specific all the way, from the inner workings of the network to the phones. It's great!! I experienced this first hand today when I went from my HTC One to a Nexus 5 in SE Michigan. The One picks up LTE with ease and has since the day I got it. Once I switched over to the Nexus 5 I was stuck on 3G with no LTE to be found. The Sprint rep I was chatting online with tried to tell me "4G is not active in your area, check our coverage map" but little did she know that I was far more versed in Sprint network knowledge than she (thanks to this site of course). Long story short, I immediately asked her switch me back to the HTC One and I popped my Tmo sim back into the Nexus.
  3. Best of luck to you in your new job and new location! Cheers!!
  4. Was really looking forward to trying out the new 4G today in A2 during the football game. What a disappointment!! Similar to years past, sprint network just can't handle a football Saturday. Why is it that everyone else can use their phones but sprint customers never can? I think the tower is actually down too because now I'm roaming... Pretty sad.
  5. Looks like a new blip showing in Ann Arbor on South University. Is that a new active 4G tower downtown/UM campus?
  6. Oddly, there is usually something that happens when launching (this time pre-orders) the latest hot phone. Not sure why that is.
  7. I just confirmed the $549 retail price via Sprint eChat.
  8. Pretty sure Sprints version is still a world phone, making the SIM card slot necessary.
  9. I was in Austin from the 14th to the 17th and had a very similar experience with my EVO LTE. When first arriving at AUS airport I was discouraged by my first speed test, but once I got away from the airport and shot up 183, 4G was blazing. 4G is alive and well in Austin and I really hope its the same way in SE Michigan sooner than later!
  10. Originally I said I was going to wait it out on this phone, but I've since decided I'm ready to ditch the EVO LTE for the ONE as soon as its available. Give me the sliver ONE!!
  11. In my drive yesterday evening there was no sign of 4G at all. My EVO LTE stayed locked on 3G the entire time :-/ I tried toggling airplane mode near the Sheldon Rd. exit and the Arborland exit but there was no sign of 4G. Strange.
  12. I'll be traveling from Royal Oak to A2 this eve. I'll try to pick up any and everything in between not yet mapped (696>275>M14).
  13. EVO LTE is going for $112 on Gazelle and up to $180 on eBay.
  14. Not sure if the State and Packard area is fed from the tower at Pioneer HS (Stadium and Main St.) or the water tower near Country Farm park, or a different tower all together. Anyone go near either of those to check on LTE availability?
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