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  1. I ordered the Note 10+, upgrading from a Note 9. I received the "your order has shipped" email on the 15th with a 19th delivery date. Its now showing delivery on the 21st but it still hasn't left Sprints hands. I guess they just pregenerated shipping labels.
  2. Just to update, today I tried updating my PRL again. The number didn't change but I am back on 3G which is good. I'd rather have slow unlimited 3G than a 100mb roaming limit.
  3. Last week a coworker was complaining about roaming in our office after doing a PRL update. Service in our building isn't the best but I can usually hold on to a 3G connection and even the occasional B26 LTE. I decided to do a PRL update as well just to see if it was an isolated incident, it wasn't. As far as I can tell our phones are now prioritizing a roaming AT&T LTE connection over Sprint 3G. As soon as I drop Sprint LTE it jumps to AT&T. The only way to get back to Sprint 3G is to switch my phone to CDMA mode. Also this is not limited to my office. I haven't done a ton of traveling over the past few days but any time I would normally drop to 3G I am roaming. Anyone have any thoughts? Obviously Sprint support was less than helpful, they said it was probably a tower issue but as I said its not just one location and I can force my phone to 3G. Personally I wouldn't care except that roaming data is so limited, slow data is better than no data.
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