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  1. Hi guys I post here and there and haven't posted in a while anyways I was sitting at home and all of the sudden out of the blue 4g is on my phone, I thought I was crazy...speed tested and was not. The sad thing is it disappeared after 5 minutes and hasn't returned. They have been doing work on this tower in my rural community as I have mentioned in past posts. My question is do they perform like 5 minute tests and just don't turn it back on for a while cause I have it for a total of 5 minutes earlier today and its been gone since.
  2. ok thanks I definitely will cause they've been doing tons of work on it so ill remain hopeful haha.
  3. --> 11943 state road 674 zip 33547 lithia florida: is as close as i can get to the tower because the actual physical address of the tower doesn't actually match the tower makes sense I know lol, anyways its between that address and bill taylor road and bill taylor road is situated right of the tower down a ways. http://www.antennasearch.com/sitestart.asp?sourcepagename=antennachecktowerreview&getpagename=pgtowerdetail_fcc&cmdrequest=getpage&ipos=1&registration_number=1222338 this link will provide some knowledge on the tower but its all I can get and you guys seem extremely knowledgeable any help is appreciated thanks again.
  4. I know its a 3g tower I just want to know if its in the process of conversion to 4g
  5. https://plus.google.com/113947387432572563827/posts?hl=en&partnerid=gplp0 here are some closer pictures any help is appreciated and I will consider becoming a sponsor, what does that entail? and how much?
  6. They are constantly doing work on this tower I know its not the best photo but they just put these white panels on the tower I have checked and found that the tower is owned by STC Two LLC which is a subsidiary owner of sprint towers, my thing is, is that on the sprint website it's not marked for an LTE upgrade. I've seen lots of trucks with huge metal box like building things along with tons of people working in and out of there. I live in a small rural community in florida known as lithia, the sad thing is I'm just outside the 4g coverage of sprint. heres the link https://plus.google.com/u/0/113947387432572563827/posts the site wouldn't allow me to post the photo.
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