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  1. Yeah that tower is by mercy. I saw yesterday a tower being put up north or Penn and Memorial.
  2. RT @jeskeets: LeBron never loses a first-round playoff game. @Pacers: https://t.co/jv82Inh9b6

  3. Again thanks for the info, thanks for not killing me for not searching for the answers haha.
  4. Funnily enough I just caught a 2x ca for a little bit. Weak signal but it was there. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  5. You don't think they'll do full tower implementation? Can mini macros do carrier aggregation? Thanks for replies.
  6. So is mini Macro the same as the small cells they were talking about? Sorry it's been a while since I've been on here and have forgotten a lot haha.
  7. We've finally got quite a few band 41 cells in NW OKC. I have been connecting to quite a few different cells. All are called B41 MM. Anyone know what that means? A small cell implementation? Edit, here's a signal check screen shot.
  8. Finally got to stop and test one of the towers in the OKC area close up. Not bad I would say.
  9. Caught a 4g signal around the OKC fairgrounds today. Disappeared after a couple minutes though. Could not pick it up again even as I moved closer to the tower. Figure it must have turned off. Thought I would mention since it seems to be a tower that hasn't been live with 4g yet.
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