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  1. #goodboy https://t.co/boOLNvLNQo

  2. RT @BarstoolNate: Who am I going to Internet fight from Columbus? Do they have fans? I'm upset.

  3. @metrorailinfo can you please tell the conductor of yellow/Huntington with lead car 7182 to stop blathering? The en… https://t.co/tmzWTnFeiz

  4. RT @atmay25: Sheetz straight out the fryer > https://t.co/xkCk1RByxU

  5. 31 years old and the guy saying "alright I'm cranking it" in a burger king commercial makes me laugh uncontrollably

  6. RT @LedoPizza: ? LEDO Gift Card GIVEAWAY ? Retweet ? & Follow for a chance win a $50 ? #LedoPizza Giftcard! (TWO Winners picked randomly at…

  7. Day in review: +walked on an 8 car train this morning +didn't do any real, actual work +my dinner had kale in it --… https://t.co/dIQs3bZP6W

  8. RT @LedoPizza: ?TJ Oshie Autographed Puck & $100 Ledo Gift Card GIVEAWAY? Retweet ? & Follow for a chance win a @TJOshie77 Autographed Puck…

  9. RT @LedoPizza: ? $50 Gift Card GIVEAWAY ? Retweet ? & Follow for a chance win a $50 ? #LedoPizza Giftcard! (TWO Winners picked randomly at…

  10. This is the worst bit I've ever seen https://t.co/MHBnbQf0PY

  11. @WillWash Thanks man. He spent his last 4 years at the beach with unlimited attention and plenty of places to take… https://t.co/1vbxG7jet3

  12. @NASCARONFOX are you gonna show the stage 1 results or just Ricky stenhouse being a son of a bitch over and over again?

  13. 12:33 life update - the pants I ordered are shipping today from Coraopolis, PA (not a typo). How do you even pronounce that?

  14. I have a burning suspicion the person who stands here isn't a real doctor.. https://t.co/wY5qftO4EY

  15. Top line Tommy has a playa's pants fitting tighter in the front #capsjackets

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