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  1. If you don't have the answer to a question why would you respond? I don't need you to repeat information that has been posted on this site and others countless times or tell me rights as a customer as I am well aware. My question is valid and still remains; why is the 3G rollout for this market different than other markets. I don't expect miracles with 4G like some people; but realistically 3G is the backbone of a mobile data network and a rough estimate as to when usable 3G is available would be helpful. So if I sounded frustrated it's because I am, and rightfully so. Just like I am free to leave if I don't like Sprint's service, you are free to not read or respond to my comments. Thanks for the input though.
  2. That sucks.. Wimax is fast I'm getting 4mbps now in Rancho. I've recently hit 11mbps in Anaheim and I've seen Sprint LTE hit similar numbers.. It's just the 3G is atrocious, almost unusable. Hopefully we can get real 3G soon or I may have to leave. I remember the good old days when I could hit 2.8mbps on Sprint 3G back when I had my HTC Mogul..
  3. Last week Robert said that this market had legacy (slow) 3G for some reason even when LTE was up and running. Anyone know why and when it will be rectified. I'm trying to stay on but the 3G is killing me... Here is what Robert said to my post in a different thread. Thanks for any input/ insight.. Celz, on 05 Jan 2014 - 6:00 PM, said: 3G speeds will go up at each site when LTE backhaul is connected. For some reason they have to leave up 3G on legacy in your area. We are getting off topic and since thisnthread has run its cpourse, we are now closing the thread. Robert
  4. While we are on the subject of Riverside/ San B.. When is 3G going to speed up? Many of the towers here have decent LTE (5mbps) but the 3G is still unusable. Is the backhaul still being completed or will 3G speed up once more LTE towers come on line? Thanks for your help guys if not for the sponsor section that shows progress I probably would have left by now..
  5. It's a bug between the Sprint Network and iOS unknown and private calls spell the words out numerically. Apparently other Sprint phones don't do this and iPhones on other carriers don't. I only glanced at it, but I believe the solution was to educate reps to tell customers that they are calls from private and unknown numbers..
  6. Who feels that LTE coverage in the Inland Empire has surpassed WiMax? I know in many areas Wimax never came but Eastern L.A. County (Claremont, Glendora, Covina) has very strong WiMax and Western San B County (Upland, Rancho Cuc.) is spotty but ok. Keep in mind that Eastern L.A. County (San Gabriel Valley) is considered the Inland Empire for Network Vision purposes (afaik). I frequent these areas a great deal for work and don't want to jump the gun on LTE. I saw my GF's Evo LTE in Chino pull some fast speeds and my brother's Nexus in Fontana was good as well. I'm still on the fence however..
  7. I think the Droid branding would have helped. Palm really missed with "feminine" "nature based" and just straight up weird Pre branding and marketing. The iPhone was somewhat neutral and the Droid was ultra masculine; so when Palm comes with an amazing OS on mediocre hardware with "soft" design language the wow factor is greatly diminished. Palm lost when they bet the farm on the pebble hardware design. If Sprint would have got the Droid brand it would not have helped much. The Evo wowed almost as much as the Droid did. IMO if Sprint would have got the Droid they wouldn't have got the Evo so they would have cancelled each other out. And the network issues stemmed from running an obsolete and abandonded, 2G only iDen network whose phones went against every trend in the mobile industry..
  8. In 2009 yea I think so back then Android and iOS were terrible compared to what they are now.. Especially since the major players got lost with the custom skins. I would imagine Nokia would have kept things simpler. But in 2011 I think the Android window was closed and WP was their last option. I seriously wonder what they were thinking by not going Meego, Android, or WP. Did they think the market was going to just reverse and people would trade their iPhones in for S60 devices. I can't imagine how they wasted so many years..
  9. I'd wager that partnering with MS was the least worst idea. Nokia got special privileges and some cash for going all in WP. The options were S60, Meego, Android, or WP. I just don't see Nokia unseating Samsung, they would have to take HTC out the picture and then steal some marketshare from everyone else to be viable on Android. The N900 was released in 09, if Nokia would have went all in Meego then I think that would have been their best option..
  10. If your gonna be downloading "large torrents" make sure you are on a tether plan.
  11. So those completed towers just show as 3G on the Sponsor maps right? And when they get the backhaul connected they will just turn on the LTE or does it require another visit from technicians? About 2 weeks ago I noticed a fiber optic data truck on the 15 fwy doing some work in Fontana near a 3G only Tower. And that area has LTE live about 2 miles north and south of it on the 15..
  12. I would donate whatever you can and whatever you feel is appropriate. They give better CS here than any corp could. Until you donate check out the sensorly thread they are usually only a few days behind the sponsor section but it still won't show exact towers.. Our suffering should be over soon.. *fingers crossed
  13. That makes sense the L.A. County cities near Claremont have Inland Empire Area Codes.. But that's good news for me! Hopefully I'll be able to send a donation you guys way pretty soon!
  14. Is Claremont considered Inland Empire for Sprint's purposes? I know Claremont is East L.A. County so technically it should be San Gabriel Valley but the neighboring city Montclair is San Bernardino County. Thanks for the help!
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