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  1. Of course not. But it doesn't help when you have customer service reps that say "Boost phones run off of a different frequency". Sprint is mismanaged and has a history of making bad business decisions. They come up with good ideas but fail to properly execute them. T-Mobile's LTE deployment is ahead of schedule and they're worse off than Sprint financially. They were bleeding customers. You don't see them blaming it on birds nests SMH
  2. Ah okay makes sense cause on Avenue H and Utica I was getting 19Mbps down. I guess they'll work it out. Maybe T-Mo's Q2 numbers will scare the $hit out of them. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/t-mobile-us-reports-second-quarter-2013-results-2013-08-08 It's time for Sprint to wake up and smell the churn
  3. Thanks guys. I will download signalchecklite and check out Sensorly. I miss AT&T's beautiful LTE speeds. 40-50Mbps but I sure as hell don't miss going over each month. Metered data is ridiculous. Verizon and AT&T are scum. I believe Sprint will get it together but they gotta do it faster. They are really in a great position right now. I hope they dont mess this up.
  4. Awesome! I'll be over there Friday shopping I'll check it out
  5. I'm new to the site. Love it! Everything I wanted to know about Sprint and more! I have a question about LTE. Is the LTE signal in general just weaker or is it the obvious that Sprint is currently in the process of deploying it. Just wondering. I got an HTC One and recently signed up for Sprint. I'm very impressed at the improvements! No more dropped calls in my building and great signal strength now. (on 1x and EVDO that is) LTE different story. I'm in Brooklyn which was officially announced by Sprint but LTE is still very spotty. I was by Flatbush and Nostrand which is a major intersection and no LTE. I been to East New York, East Flatbush and other parts of Brooklyn with no LTE still either. SMH!
  6. You better hope you're in the right section. Cause I'm in Brooklyn now and Sprint's LTE while "officially" announced is still quite spotty. I was by Brooklyn College yesterday (Flatbush and Nostrand) Major intersection and No LTE.
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