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    16GB ram SSD 300GB+HDD 750GB 7200 rpm Hybrid with a retrofitted CLEAR spot MiFi instead of card reader built in flush to laptop. SamsungGalaxyNexus/Iphone4s/Ipad3 64g. fios home internet >5ping 150down 65up >2jitter.
  1. Well considering sprints site says that wimax is 10mbps or faster and clear internet who shares the same wimax towers/systems says they can get speeds up to 15mbps
  2. Well I use my phone as a hot spot constantly and there actually are aps that can use large amounts ie Netflix streaming in HD as well as you tube 1 hour of streaming in HD can be up to 5 gb. Also not trying to brag by any means or troll but my dodge viper technically could probably operate below 150hp yet it has 505hp and can do over 200mph when in Texas there is only one road that even goes up to 80mph the answer is I just want it. And if you dont need those speeds how come att released they are dumping more money in research of 5g data than there lte services this year and that you can look up all over the web
  3. I'm at 3040 and i35 and seem to get 3-4 bars of lte and my fastest speed test was 14.3 mbps which is actually a little disappointing see how my best friends HTC 3d with 1 bar of wimax beside my phone is getting between 9-11 mbps
  4. thanks robert makes alot of sense my only thing with the wealthy vs less wealthy areas is the simple fact that you dont see lambo or aston martin dealers in the rural less wealthy areas same thing with the verizon fios. the good news though is that there seems to be 2 towers in lewisville approx 5.3nm apart and i am smack in the middle of them. sent from vrznLTE Ipad3
  5. Im sorry if my question is answered already in another area i just dont have the time to sit all day and read these forums as much as i want to. But ive noticed that in the DFW market that the tower locations are in areas of low and some in EXTREMELY low population areas as well as some more or less poverty areas and very little in the dense population areas ie around the dfw airport one of the worlds largest/bussiest airports theres nill and alot of the towns surrounding the airport are very dense with multi million dollar homes but you go to mansfield where i store my airplane and they will have lte it seems in mostly farm land as well as cleburne has 2 towers and im sorry but its a podunck town where I get hardly any cell reception lol why is this? and alo i do understand that they will be adding many more towers as they go along and some may also not have been reported yet. thnx sent from vrznLTE Ipad3
  6. I guess i came out on top with the S3 except that it will still be slower online than the original motorola razar flip phone from att until i get some damn lte! lol And they said when my S3 comes in that i can do what ever with the nexus they sugested recycling it bahaha!
  7. I forgot to add that sprint said that cdma/evdo 3g in many areas of texas including all of dfw has been down for a month now and should be back up by June 28 which is why 3g speeds are adnormaly slow. so they gave me a 15% discount off my bill for this. And i also have 1 more Q. Why is the nexus way slower than the 4s side by side running the same speed test?
  8. So today 6/22/12 1:30pm i called sprint to see if they have more info on not only LTE but also the way slow 3g speeds in and around the dfw metroplex. Now before i start i have the galaxy nexus and the iphone 4s as a work phone avrg. speed tests on 3g with the nexus is normally around 600kbps or less up and 150kbps or less down and the 4s is normally around 1200kbps down and 400kbps up and these are side by side results. Now back to my phone call with sprint. so i started with LTE questions i asked when the switch was going to be turned on in dfw because when i purchased the 4s back in January they (sprint customer service) said that LTE was coming in early spring to dfw and when i purchased the nexus in may they said sometime in mid year across Texas but DEFFINATLY in june for dfw i was assured. Now they are saying that it wont be till october-november for dfw says sprint customer service tier3 and that even the the reception will be mostly in the downtown dfw/ftworth areas and not till beginning of 2013 will we see reception all through dfw metroplex. Then they asked me why i was so upset about this news because they said i dont own a lte phone so this doesnt affect me . WOW!!!!!!!!! I said well i have a samsung galaxy nexus the person proceeded to tell me that this is not a lte phone its 3G ONLY..... oh boy i said well the box, the about phone in the phone settings, the sprint website, and the rep who sold it to me says CDMA/LTE!!! He still said but the phone is not lte supported and we went back and forth for about 20 min and he (sprint tier3 customer service) and the person i was forwarded to his supervisor i assume tier4 say and i quote "THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LTE IT IS A 3G ONLY DEVICE" so ended up being offered a full refund and a new upgrade free and they are overnighting me the Samsung galaxy SIII 32g at no charge the day it comes out for the inconvenience....................... so i now have questions!!!!!!!!!!! Is the Nexus really not supported by lte even though all documents say so? Is lte really been pushed back again to fall for dfw? Is the reception really supposed to only be in downtown areas till 2013? And lastly are sprint customer service agents brain damaged?!?!?!
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