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  1. Bumbershoot

    Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    This phone has never been rooted. I'll block the texts. Thanks for the response.
  2. Bumbershoot

    Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    Is anyone else getting a series of texts after the update from the number 9485?. The content appears to be similar to: itson:cAwASAQY3ODU0NDIBCAAAAUnOSAuq I get one every few minutes. If it matters, I'm using Google Hangouts as my SMS client. Thanks.
  3. Bumbershoot

    Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I've seen that a time or two, but I've attributed it to the network. I'm in an area where there has been plenty of NV activity since I got this phone upon it's release in April.
  4. Although there haven't been many reported NV acceptances in the Seattle area in the past few weeks, it appears that Sprint is getting the issues with eCSFB on Band 41 ironed out. This week, my Galaxy S5 is sitting natively on Band 41 while in the Pioneer Square area, where I used to have to force it to "LTE only" to get to it. I'm receiving and sending voice calls perfectly, as well. It's hard to see it, but it looks to me like progress is still being made in the area.
  5. Bumbershoot

    Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I'm not in a Spark market (yet, though it's getting close) and I'm receiving calls just as I would expect.
  6. I think it's just a software update initially, but Sprint has to get rid of the Huawei equipment and replace it with Samsung equipment (in this market). NV 2 should provide entirely new equipment.
  7. There's a map in the Premier Sponsors area that would show you, but it looks like three or four former Clearwire sites in Marysville that should be up and going.
  8. It doesn't look like it. In doing a quick check through King County permits, I found this language for a site where Band 25 was turned on in March, and is scheduled for Band 41 in Phase 2A (I don't know if Band 41 is available at this site at the moment). This permit was closed in March, 2014, but here's the language in the original permit: MODIFY EXISTING UNOCCUPIED TELECOMMUNICATIONS FACILITY WITH THE ADDITION OF (3) NEW PANEL ANTENNAS, (3) RRU'S, (2) MICROWAVE DISH ANTENNAS, (2) EQUIPMENT CABINETS AND (3) HYBRID CABLES. (6) ANTENNAS, (3) EQUIPMENT CABINETS AND ALL SPRINT COAX CABLES WILL BE REMOVED (PREA12-0182, L96AC023/E96E0182) It looks like all the current Sprint permits have similar language, with the "...(3) NEW PANEL ANTENNAS, (3) RRU'S...". I think this describes the original NV equipment. I haven't been able to find any other new permits for sites scheduled to get Band 41, other than the original permits that were issued for the original NV work. Nothing conclusive, but that's all I could find.
  9. Thanks. The latest update was a good one. It looks like most of the remaining work in Western Washington is in downtown Seattle and the Capitol Hill/Central District areas. When the 3G sites have all switched on Band 25, and Band 41 is all up and running, it looks the Seattle metropolitan area (from Fort Lewis to the south, to Everett to the north, including the I-405 corridor), will absolutely be awash in 4G, even without Band 26.
  10. For anyone wondering about downtown Seattle: I got on internal email (from Sprint) a couple of weeks ago that a micro site in my building would go live at the same time that downtown Seattle would finally light up. That was scheduled for May 28th. I found out this morning that this had been pushed back a day to May 29th, and sure enough, the building site lit up this afternoon. Additionally, I noticed on my commute home this afternoon that I was getting a strong 3G signal at the Colman Ferry Dock that hadn't seen previously. Maybe it's true!
  11. If you upgrade to Premier Sponsorship, you'll find a map of the Clearwire sites that will be converted to B41. From that map, I strongly suspect that the White Center area will be well supported with B41. If you have a tri-band phone that you can force to "LTE only" mode, then you might find it's already available. Hopefully, very soon, in any event. I've been getting B41 downtown, but I haven't been through White Center in a couple of weeks to test.
  12. A.J. wrote in a forum in the Premier Sponsors area that this is because of channelization agreements with Canada. iDEN is apparently a narrowband technology, while LTE requires a wider footprint.
  13. When I've put my phone in LTE Only mode, toggling the radios off/on, I've seen some B26 show up momentarily on my LTE Engineering screen. It isn't usable, and doesn't stay for long before the phone bounces to B25 or B41. I posted a link to a screenshot of this in a premier sponsors forum, and folks there indicated that my phone wasn't connecting to Sprint, but something other. It hasn't happened for a couple of days, but last week it seemed to happen frequently, even on a ferry boat on Puget Sound. On another note, here's a link to a screenshot of the speeds I acquired on B41 this morning (4th Ave S/S Seattle St) down by CenturyLink field. This is the fastest I've seen.
  14. Bumbershoot

    Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    Have a look at this link. All you really need to do are steps 1,2 and 7.