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  1. iPhone 6S supports B13. Verizon is still gonna be a no-go. Neither AT&T nor T-Mobile need to operate CDMA2000 to use a Sprint phone on their LTE. It's useless as far as voice right now, but it's been proven. More likely is T-Mobile or AT&T using Sprint LTE, since that is generally easier. OP: Don't get your hopes up, but as information becomes available to me, I will share as much as I'm allowed to disclose.
  2. I'm new to this radio stuff, still learning the anatomy of a cell. I think this one has been online for a year, but no 4G yet. It's at the municipal facility in the town, which I'm almost positive is a fiber hub anyways (might be why they constructed it there, besides the location being the middle of the town). Saw some workers at the site all morning, hopefully making progress! Edit: Thanks for moving!
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