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  1. kendokken3

    Samsung Galaxy S III

    I've been on kitkat for a few days and am noticing the same thing. I have to practically force it to connect to LTE. Kinda disappointing considering how well the phone works overall with the new update. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  2. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    Picked up 1X800 today in Monroe and it held all the way home in Indian Trail. I tried a phone call while connected and it was good and clear. I'm on the stock PRL.
  3. Great, now Chuck Schumer is getting involved.. http://www.theblaze.com/the-wire/20020743/schumer-urges-look-at-security-in-sprint-deal/
  4. gmail alert came in today with this story... http://www.telecomle...-program-83977/ not sure what it all means ?? Can anyone elaborate ?
  5. Anybody having trouble with the audible alert on pro 3.01? It was working on previous release but I'm having trouble on the newest version. I have it checked in the menu screen but can't seem to get it to work. Uninstall and download again?
  6. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    I picked up a new spot at I-485/McKee Rd all the way to Monroe Rd. You have to zoom way in on Sensorly to see it for some reason. That tower was marked as in progress on the update this week.
  7. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    Moss Rd is mapped. Checked the tower in Stallings, no LTE. It would only connect at 1xRTT, maybe still in testing phase. Checked the newly accepted tower in Unionville again still not broadcasting LTE. I'll check it again in a couple of days.
  8. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    This has to be from the tower in Stallings, the towers start to get pretty spread out in Union County. I go right by that tower on the way home from work, Sensorly time !! I plan to map this area today after work !!
  9. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    I'll try to swing out there today after work, it's just a few minutes away from me.
  10. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    I've had that same problem so far this week at work as well. I've been getting 1xRTT alot, not able to hold eHRPD, drops back to EVDO. At least we know they are out there banging away at it. As a side note, I went and checked out the new tower that popped up in this weeks update out in the Unionville area but it was not broadcasting LTE I'll ride back out there in a couple of days and try to get it mapped on Sensorly.
  11. kendokken3

    incognito mode question

    I have noticed that what ever you search for in the incognito mode will show up in the Google search function on the phone (hold down home button on S3,select the button in the middle). You can at least check out what they searched for if they were in this "porn mode".
  12. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    Have you experienced the device hanging onto a LTE signal and it not be useable ? I've noticed this a couple of times coming from the tower close to my work and leaving the area, it just seems to hang onto LTE even when it seems that there would be no way it could still be connected to that tower. In fact I pass right by another tower and am approaching a second one before it will let go of the LTE signal. I know going into the area in the morning it doesnt connect anywhere close to where it hangs onto it and when it does conect it is very usable. The S3 seems to be very good at aquiring and holding onto a weak LTE signal. Is this an early deployment issue or just a device issue ?
  13. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    Ive noticed that sometimes I had to zoom in a little to first see new areas I have mapped but after awhile it will start showing up at the normal viewing level when you first log on. Speaking of Sensorly, looks like somebody mapped a nice little run through Mint Hill on 51 up to Albemarle Rd. Its good to see LTE showing up outside the 485 loop on the east side of town, now if they would just swing by Indian Trail....
  14. kendokken3

    Network Vision/LTE - Charlotte Market

    Thanks for the clarification and info!