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  1. I've had all sorts of issues, multiple error messages when trying to text, phone call not going through even though the timer on the call has been counting, call going through and not ringing, people call me and they say it rings but it doesn't ring on my end, 4-5 bars coverage but can't load webpages, horrid data speeds, etc. And this has been all around, I travel all around the Chicagoland area; mostly around west suburbs but I also go to the city and north, south suburbs. You guys noted a bunch of new technology, better experience coming, etc but when? And that's the toughest part because nobody really knows. But thus far Sprint has done as much as scratch their behind to keep my business, a current customer who's been with them for years, with multiple lines, never pays late. I'm not saying I'm special, I'm sure there's a ton of others in the same shoes, but what I'm saying is that they're not doing anything in my opinion to retain current customers or plans on what reimbursement/incentives for customers who have hung in there for over 1yr of poor service. Yes AT&T and Verizon are definitely expensive, but in comparison with my friends' AT&T and Verizon phones; theirs work where mine don't or work better/faster where mine drags. Yes I know, what are was I in, what date, etc. Plain and simple, theirs performed and mine didn't. When is Sprint going to perform?
  2. Is it really worth it? Man, where to begin.... I've encountered basically EVERY Sprint inconvenience, issues, error, etc. that everyone has listed on here, and there is definitely a lot of them. But my question is if this wait is really going to be worth it? I use my phone a lot (like everyone else) for both business and personal use, all over the Chicagoland area. Sprint is the only cell phone provider that I've had, same for my wife, I've had them for around 7 years and my wife for a around 8-9 years. Between both of us we have 8 lines. I feel every single person on here's frustration and have come to the tipping point of whether to leave Sprint or not... New acquisition of Clearwire, newly acquired by Softbank, but we're 1yr+ from that making a difference... The store employees are useless as too are most of the people you call in to talk to over the phone; I bet a lot of people from this website can do a better job than an entry level Sprint tech can. No help in that area, I've given up on calling mainly because I get nowhere and I;m just calling to make sure they take notes on my account of the same issues still happening but I don't accept a credit to my account because at this point the problems are never ending... What does everyone think, is it worth it to stick with Sprint? I'm all ears...
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