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  1. Apple's Maps Are A Disaster Waiting To Happen http://t.co/WPn7B5VM Don't know about disaster, GMaps ran on iPhone because they were the best

  2. Glad to see @htc has secured tons of carrier support for the #8X and #8S. Announcing it gives me something look forward to. @windowsphone

  3. And I spoke too soon. #Xbox is dead again.

  4. Android Has Lost its Appeal http://t.co/Gv09MNRp Why #Android just doesn't keep me interested like it used to.

  5. iPhone 5 Thoughts http://t.co/ndvc7q3V Why the #iPhone5 is exactly what Apple needs and no more than we should expect.

  6. It's official. #Vegas drivers are the most inconsiderate, selfish and dangerous drivers I've ever encountered.

  7. Details Microsoft! Details! http://t.co/62ioYnsU Why #Nokia and #Microsoft need to spill the #WindowsPhone details to keep up interest. #WP8

  8. Elevation Burger closed down! What is the world coming to?

  9. Had a great time with @lindsaycmartin playing tennis for the first time together tonight. So much fun!

  10. So @sprint @sprintcare when is network vision coming to Las Vegas? This is bad. Really bad. http://t.co/secePEx1

  11. Just completed a 5.00 mi hike - A great day for a hike! http://t.co/5qzJPonT #RunKeeper

  12. As those have said before, off the strip isn't bad. That being said, your milage will vary 3G wise around the rest of the valley. I'm currently running a Galaxy Nexus and my 3G varies from Ok to useless depending on where I am. Areas inside the 215 beltway that circles Las Vegas are covered best, especially if you want to rock your OG EVO and WiMAX. I found being on the strip, using WiMAX really helped with data connectivity as it's not oversaturated with users like the 3G airwaves.
  13. StatCounter: Windows 7 now powering most PCs, passed 50-percent threshold in June http://t.co/Oz7ATWDz via @engadget Just in time for Win8!

  14. Dinner with @lindsaycmartin. (@ Sammy's Woodfired Pizza) http://t.co/d5dGYSXg


    http://t.co/rWXVCZaO Someone else put into words the biggest bug I see with Windows 8. Need Microsoft to fix this.

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