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  1. I don't have the resources either! No usable PC in Site man. I need someone that can just help me in my city... I would send it off, but i don't have a backup anymore. Is there someone out there that can help me? I've had all 3 EVOs and NOT 1 has been s-off
  2. Is there someone in MEMPHIS that can s-off my LTEVO.... PLEASE. S-on is killing me! I don't have a pc OR TGE RESOURCES/KNOWLEDGE to do this myself. I'm a complete NOOB on s-off... And I'm too stupid to follow the guide correctly. Can someone please just help me? I've held hboot 1.5 as long as I can stand!
  3. Romney? Did you think he would win?
  4. Not gonna lie... Very tempted to get that beast & put CMX on it
  5. dammit bro... I thought you had the EVO LTE
  6. Does the idea of me roaming these forums place fear in your heart? Bow before your Transcendent M.U.G.E.N God human
  7. I will not waste my time conversing with the likes of you Sir Richard Branson? Is that how you greet a Transcendent M.U.G.E.N God?
  8. cool bro lol... Do you know who I am?
  9. It seems speeds are increasing somewhat & I hear LTE has been speed test here.
  10. No svdo is fail to me. Can't go back to playing battlefield... Then a call ruins a perfectly good game
  11. Lol true, after the devs. Maybe they'll fix multitasking.... After the devs too. Help me understand something... Will sprint now change due to this deal? I hope it doesn't get worse or I'm going to GayT&T lol
  12. I'll go spam the htc Facebook.
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