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  1. You were not experiencing NV. As is documented elsewhere on this site, the Chicago metro NV deployment started in the far outer suburbs and is working its way inwards; it probably won't reach the center of the city until late summer or fall.
  2. There is easily room for three major OS in the consumer smartphone space, it's a huge and rapidly growing market. Blackberry has lost the consumer market and is having increasing trouble retaining corporate customers due to the improved security features of the other players (and the fact that people don't like carrying two devices). If Microsoft can keep developer momentum going I believe Windows Phone will take over the #3 spot pretty quickly. My Arrive has been the best smartphone experience I've ever had, I actually have less problems with it than my wife does with her iPhone 4s and fa
  3. Thanks for the info, good to hear that relief should be coming to C-U by the end of this year.
  4. Great site! Bob, do you have any info or hunches on what is happening / going to happen in the Champaign-Urbana market? My Sprint download speeds here recently spiked to 1-2 Mbps for a couple of weeks, up from the usual 50-200 kbps. I saw this at my home in southwest Champaign, my office in Rantoul and all along I-57 in between. Then after this nice taste of decent 3G, speeds dropped back down to more or less the previous level he past couple of days. Was wondering if this was somehow connected to the activity in Chicago. C-U isn't considered part of the Chicago market but I'm hoping it
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