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  1. it does seem odd to send someone so far south in another Market. But Thanks :-)
  2. Does anyone know about the Gainesville and or Ocala areas. I havent seen much talk about those areas. I work in Gainesville, but live in Ocala. Cant wait for 4G at home.
  3. Well i can only speak for myself. I do not live in a 4G LTE market. However i do have a 4G LTE phone. Sprint outright lied to customers on the old 4G network, that i never got to take advantage at my home. Sprint has no choice in the matter but to move forward. For heavens sakes Metro PCS has 4G LTE in my city. I can see where some people would be upset that they dont have LTE coverage. But they need to think, its a NEW NETWORK. Its not gonna work everywhere. At least there is our slow 3G data. From what i have seen. The places that have LTE are throwing out data speeds at 20 MBPS. Thats as fast as the average internet in your home. We are TWO days into the new network, be glad your getting it this year. I may not see it till this time next year.
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