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  1. not sure what you mean by this. while I understand your point that the payment is built in, even with the added fee of using easy pay, my monthly rate still comes out to less if I stay on Everything Shared than switching to Framily.
  2. a. was not the case two weeks ago, and he also said he's not sure it can be done in corporate stores. b. he said that using Easy Pay with Everything Data causes the customer to overpay which is false.
  3. the Framily Plan costs more than my Everything Data Plan unless I added about 3 more people to my account. in addition, the lower discount I'd receive drives the cost of Framily up even further. it costs more if I purchased a device using easy pay under Framily than under Everything Data. it's why there was no reason for me to switch.
  4. and if that's the case, it's something that was changed very recently because it was absolutely not the case two weeks ago. again, I fail to see how the second sentence had anything to do with the discussion as no one here is demanding anything for free.
  5. again, apples and oranges. easy pay does work with old plans, the system in stores prevents the reps from signing up new purchases (via easy pay) to old plans. this can be remedied by calling Sprint so I'm not seeing where the hardware limitation applies.
  6. not remotely comparable. one is a hardware issue, the other is a company choosing not to tick a box.
  7. if you purchase a new device but wish to keep your old plan???? not that confusing is it?
  8. by the way, I just spoke with a friend who works for Sprint and he told me that it's very possible existing customers would be able to get the $15 or $25 per month device fee as long as they hadn't recently purchased a discounted device (even if they had discounted device purchases on their account). that could potentially be a big game-changer so I'm trying to get confirmation on it.
  9. please read my subsequent post which explains that Sprint corporate stores (at least in NYC) do not allow customers to purchase devices using Easy Pay and add them to old plans
  10. ostensibly all of these low cost plans we're now seeing from T-Mobile, Sprint and whomever else are based upon a combination of being a new customer and not reading the fine print. as you and I discussed last night, and as your spreadsheet illustrates, this is not something for existing subscribers. instead, if you're dealing with another carrier with a very low data cap, you can switch to Sprint with a higher data cap and lower monthly fee. in the case of T-Mobile, their rate doesn't include the monthly financing fee for the purchase of a device, which is something you basically cannot avoid if you're becoming a T-Mobile customer and buying a new phone. my issue centers primarily on the folks arguing that this is a great deal for people who buy their phones outright. I would argue that is not who Sprint is targeting with these plans. if you're looking for cheap plans, you're not someone who's likely to have paid $650+ for a phone. you're looking for cheap plans because you're trying to cut costs wherever possible. that means you see $100 per month with a a good amount of monthly data and will come on-board. that Sprint waives the monthly device fee for the first year is definitely going to make this attractive for new customers who want to save money. but you're not getting your hair blown back by incremental savings for decent additional data if you're dropping $650 per phone with frequency. those people are obviously not the target of these promotions.
  11. that this plan is of no benefit to current customers is why some folks will "complain" about it. I don't think it's unfair that current customers would like to see something sweeten the pot for them to remain Sprint customers. as it stands, this Family Share Pack plan does not do that.
  12. I ask this because I've noticed that in the stores, they will no longer allow you to use a grandfathered-in plan if you buy a device with Easy Pay. This can be undone by calling Sprint, but evidently the corporate store's system does not allow adding new devices purchased through Easy Pay to old plans.
  13. so for those of us long time customers who have no reason to ever switch to something like the Family Share Pack, how long until Sprint stops allowing us to keep using grandfathered-in plans?
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