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  1. I know someone was saying something about Racine a few days ago and they're coming around I was on the south side or whatever by regency Mall and that was the first time I ever got 4G in that part of town. It lasted all the way to Hwy 20 and Ohio near Shopko. 6400k up and 1100k down. I know about the tower downtown, hopefully the rest of Racine is upgraded soon too.
  2. Did some testing around racine got 38000 on main st and 12th st. Then 6000 while driving on main st. Also got 14000 at kmart parking lot on 4 mile will post pic later
  3. Yea Virgin sucks up north I have a place north of the dells and have zero to very little reception. Also they said that 4g is supposedly turned on on the north side of Racine. I'll have to find out for sure.
  4. hello all I've enjoyed the frequent updates on the 4g rollout with Sprint. Although I currently am with Virgin Mobile I was interested into moving with Sprint especially with their new unlimited plans. Anyways I went into the corporate store in Racine on HWY 31 and asked them about the timeframe with 4g lte. The one guy commented on the tower by the harbor which I already knew about. However, another salesperson said that Racine/ Kenosha will be turned on tomorrow. I dont know if he was blowing smoke but he sounded pretty sure. If that is true that would be awesome. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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