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  1. MudPuppy

    Nexus 7

    Overview: "2 years of ultimate protection for your laptop. Get peace of mind for 2 years from your date of purchase. Accidental Damage from Handling coverage (meaning damage due to accidental drops or spills) and surge protection starts on day 1." Details from the terms & conditions: The plan... "will pay for the cost of shipping your product to and from our service center or replacement facility. We will repair or replace the product with a new or remanufactured product of like kind and quality that performs to the factory specifications of the original product or provide you with an Office Depot gift card or check, with a value equivalent to the original purchase price, excluding sales tax. Repair or replacement of the product will be at our discretion, when required due to a breakdown, in accordance with the terms stated herein. Note: Repair or replacement for failures due to power surges as well as technical troubleshooting support shall be provided regardless of whether a product is covered under any other warranty or service plan. We may replace your product or we may at our discretion issue you an Office Depot gift card or check for the original purchase price of that product, excluding taxes, as indicated on your sales receipt." My understanding is that they consider a dead battery irrepairable since it's not designed to be replaced... so, they would give you a replacement tablet or apply the purchase price to a new tablet. Not 100% on that but that is what we were told and it sounds plausible given the wording of the terms. ... but yes... I can see how some folks might abuse the agreement.
  2. MudPuppy

    Nexus 7

    Yeah, I'll confirm it includes physical damage 'cause I got it. However, you'll have to wait 'til the 8GB flavor is available from OD if you want coverage for $50 as that is for tablets up to $200. It costs $80 for tablets in the $200-$300 range. I didn't want to wait and got the 16GB + $80 coverage... however I get a 10% discount through my work so, with free shipping, it netted out to a total of $240.74 for the tablet + $71.99 for the coverage ($312.73 total) vs. $267.49 I would have paid at GameStop with no coverage. Considering I'm getting this for my 12-yo, I think the extra $45 to cover it when she smashes it is worth it. Plus the guy at OD basically said once the battery dies within two years, the policy will effectively cover a replacement tablet even if it doesn't get smashed. Even if it's not quite as easy as all that, it sounds like the extra investment is well worth it.
  3. I drove from Roswell, through Downtown, below the airport, & back up along West 285 this afternoon. Got nothing but 3G except for 4G LTE from 1 tower (somewhere near Cumberland Mall, I thnk).
  4. MudPuppy

    Nexus 7

    Even though I cancelled the pre-order two days ago (in favor of going with Office Depot), I got a call from GameStop that my Nexus 7 was ready today. Not sure they're supposed to be handing 'em out today but it sounds like they at least thought they were at the time of the phone call this AM. Office Depot still shows a ship date of 7/24 but I'm pretty sure that's just a placeholder and it'll ship imminently.
  5. MudPuppy

    Nexus 7

    Will Google Play be the only place to get the Nexus 7... or will it be in stores around the mid-July ship date? Trying to determine if I can avoid paying $15 in shipping.
  6. Hey all, I'm pretty much a network newbie but noticed that my HTC EVO LTE shows the local towers' network type recently (last couple of days, I think) changed from EVDO to eHRPD. Does that possibly indicate that the LTE hardware is up and converting the data to CDMA 'til they flip the switch??? Or is it perhaps meaningless? I'm located in Roswell off Alpharetta Hwy (near Hembree Road).
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