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  1. I think that’s just Wall St. knee jerk pessimism. I’d bet the odds are greater than 50/50 for sure. The CEOs were on tv this morning and they are hitting all the talking points hard. No job cuts, increase investment leading to job creation, rural buildout, etc. Plus they really are pushing the 5G angle and working in national security fears of China gaining the upper hand. And behind closed doors they’ll push the idea that they can’t compete without it which will cause the industry to stagnate.
  2. To be honest I’d love to never here about SERO again ?
  3. That sounds like it was meant for the regulators more than anything else.
  4. By the time Sprint bought Nextel they seemed pretty ghetto to me and stagnating. Sprint was sold a bill of goods in my opinion. T- Mobile is in third place. They were a distant fourth at one point though. The last thing they’ll do is resurrect Nextel.
  5. Nobody remembers Nextel ads from God knows when and to be honest a lot of people remember that company as ghetto. T Mobile has resurrected the brand. Why throw that hard work away?
  6. There’s been a lot of positive momentum behind the T Mobile name the past few years. Why risk it with some name nobody knows? And dual HQ”s? Sounds dumb unless they just want to give Overland Park a false sense of security.
  7. I hope it’s safe to assume the new company will completely do away with the Sprint name and livery which is toxic in my opinion. I’d like to see the current T-Mobile logo and colors stay though I’m sure there will be pressure to make a gesture somehow.
  8. Regardless of ones view on this topic I think it's safe to say most "reporting" on this topic has just been horrible with a lot of it just thinly veiled advocacy. The Verge being one of the worst offenders. Hit pieces that seem designed to radicalize readers. Looking at some of the comments there are just scary. Personally I've never cared about this subject. It's always been a solution in search of a problem in my view.
  9. 0% interest for 24 months is still a subsidy. If you charged interest or if carriers offered no financing at all then you would see some change.
  10. Well I wouldn't say a small subset. While the average user has no idea what VoLTE is that doesn't mean they've never used it. My wife will often send me pictures while we are talking on the phone. When I was on Sprint I was never able to see them until I hung up. This scenario happens much more than you think. If someone comes to Sprint from one of the other carriers they will most likely be annoyed by it. If you've been on Sprint for years you've never really known it so you don't think it's a big deal.
  11. Yeah. Outside is fine. It's the indoor coverage where you get the no service. In my experience Band 12 is totally overhyped too.
  12. It's nice when it all works out of the box. Now if T-Mobile could just add a few more sites in Central Jersey. Too often I see No Service on my phone when I'm in building. Never saw that with Sprint though their weak signal was about the same as having no service.
  13. No idea iff it supports 3CA. Doubt it but you never know. A friend of mine picked one up at Costco the other week and she loves it. Not bad for $219.
  14. They advertise it as suitable for all four carriers so I'd assume so. The new Nokia seems just as dumb as the old Nokia. Make a bunch of handsets tailored to certain carriers. Makes no sense especially when you have no carrier support. Moto is doing it the right way.
  15. I just got an email about this service. You can get an unlimited line for $45/mo if you sign up before the end of July. That's a really good deal considering you're on the Verizon network for the most part.
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