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  1. I did this last week in Ashburn, loudon county.
  2. I guess until after the merger is approved and complete and LG sends out a updated firmware, that this will be saying roaming. But yes seeing a lot more of this on my G7
  3. Speaking of roaming, got a little today as I was approaching Mount Weather on Route 7 WB heading to Winchester, VA. This was western Loudon County.
  4. Plus that little spat still going on between Qualcomm and apple in which Qualcomm is stating that apple has been forwarding Qualcomm ip to Intel which is a whole other can of worms that's been opened.
  5. But it was under Qualcomm that sprint worked with to help set it up and tune it, this is the first time Intel has done this and no one knows.
  6. Maybe because the androids have the 845, and the iPhone is going with Intel solution for their modem.
  7. At any given moment, how many sectors are you hooked up to on your cellphone? This pic is live data, what I'm currently hooked up to. It isn't a file of what I've connected to. It is what I'm connected to at any given moment on my G7.
  8. Don't forget Virginia to, this storm is a class4 beast and it's strength is increasing, they have it taking further north eye going north of Wilmington, Norfolk put all working ships out to sea.
  9. I'm a ham, so if the cell and landlines go down, still have my ham radio equipment and plenty of battery back up.
  10. That's funny, everytime I go to Derwood, I'm in band 41. FedEx station right off of Calhoun.
  11. First gigabit lte phone on sprint was the Galaxy S8, not the HTC bolt, the bolt maxed out at 600mb
  12. Definitely won't be on the batch of upcoming iPhones running only Intel socs and modems
  13. The context of my statement was thinking he was a sprint customer, that he explained to me he was not. Sometimes people do say crazy things about switching from one to another not knowing that one is the other.
  14. And no my area isn't trash nor was I saying it. I'm in the DC area for one, 2 being that I'm one of the longest sprint customers on here going on 22 years. I was just questioning the logic of someone switching from one side to the other but since he isn't on sprint. Then that is a moot point.
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