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  1. Well looks like the 5G symbol is lighting up in DC and Virginia /DC market, Chantilly wasn't a fluke.
  2. Oh and band 41 has a pci of 273 when in 5G mode I'm guessing. have to see if I can repeat my findings.
  3. To add, it was at Route 50 and Centerville road, and yes it reverted back to LTE when I went north on Centerville road.
  4. The 5G symbol is up on my V50 and I'm sitting in Chantilly, VA right now. Yesterday it was saying LTE. Just noting a observation.
  5. Well I now have the lg v50 in hand, picked it up from sprint yesterday
  6. Though you have the usual kooks chiming in saying the usual things about cell sites. It was also mentioned on WMAL this morning.
  7. Darn did you ever think, that being in that metal can called a rail road car could have something to do with signal degredation. I travel constantly from DC to Newark and I get good results with my LG G7
  8. You guys failed to realize though, with Verizon's 5g, you have to be standing within 300 feet or less of a node to get anything, while you can drive around with Sprint's which has greater coverage.
  9. Now Apple is going back with Qualcomm, they settled, Apple paid Qualcomm undisclosed amount, Intel getting out of 5g for mobile business. Intel wouldn't have had 5g modem until 2021.
  10. I can attest to the DC area speeds, and sprint asked if I wanted a magic box for which is in my apartment up and running
  11. I'm still using Microsoft edge for here on Android, haven't even thought about Tapatalk.
  12. I forgot about it to, and yes I'm still licensed, about to renew. 20 year mark next June.
  13. That's funny the link is alive and well, my sprint rewards
  14. Yes, I have the app on my phone, got the link in my email from sprint, app on both Google and Apple stores
  15. They also have band 41 in Chambersburg also. Was just up there last week
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